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ClassDojo Platform Is An Opportunity To Improve Learning And Education

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ClassDojo is a real time educational platform that allows communication between parents, teachers and students enabling them to share what is happening at school. It has now evolved to a community building tool and has the potential to create a closer knit and more involved community. It can be used on any computer and with iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. It allows photo and video sharing, messaging and announcements, and can instantly translate messages in 35 languages. ClassDojo may be the right app to use to promote school reform, improvement and a constant sustained effort to promote a better quality education. ClassDojo shared teachers’ claims of their classrooms being transformed from draining, isolated places where no one is engaged to uplifting, positive places with happy teachers, students excited by learning and parents involved in everyday classroom activities. One of the biggest obstacles to creating “Schools That Learn” has been getting everyone involved in the way school is done. ClassDojo is the right tool.

ClassDojo is now being used in more than a million classrooms worldwide and by tens of millions of teacher, parents and students. According to ClassDojo, this is just the first step on a long journey. Their stated mission is to give communities of teachers, parents and students the power to change education from the ground up, in every classroom in the world. It is currently being used in 2/3 of US schools and in over 180 other countries. ClassDojo uses PubNub’s software as a services (SaaS) hosting and delivery, real time infrastructure to overcome obstacles with network security and other compatibility issues to allow safe sharing on the internet.

Co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don had the goal of helping students to learn positive behaviors and grow character strengths including persistence, curiosity, self control, creativity and leadership. Sam Chaudhary is a former high school teacher so he knows first hand about the school and classroom environment. Liam Don developed MMO games and was half way through earning a PhD in Computer Science in 2011 when ClassDojo was founded. Now ClassDojo offers users a community building tool and is considered by some the Facebook for schools. Parents receive real time updates about their child and can also contribute pictures from home.

May 6, 2016