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How Troy McQuagge and the Hope Initiative are Changing the Lives of the Community

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Helping Other People Everyday, popularly known as HOPE is a special program that was established by the management, staff and independent contracted agents who work for an organization known as USHEALTH Advisors. For this group, this program is more than just an ordinary acronym. These individuals consider this as a mission that should be lived every day. The organization has made a special commitment to making out the biggest difference in the lives of the people in the society.

Troy McQuagge is the force behind the HOPE initiative. The program was first introduced into the market in the year 2010 when he resumed the position of president in the successful organization. USHEALTH Advisors has been getting a lot of support from its parent company, known as USHEALTH Group. The exponential growth in this organization is out of this world. This growth is believed to have been spearheaded by Troy McQuagge Son.

When the businessman joined the company several years ago, it was not business as usual. However, with Troy McQuagge working as the president and chief executive officer of the corporation, it has managed to accomplish more than ten times of what it was doing in the past. The HOPE projects have proven to be very helpful for the communities living in the country and other parts of the world. When conducting the first project, Troy McQuagge son decided to partner with several other leaders in the institution so that they could assist the communities who had been affected by the Hurricane Katrina. With the help of an organization known as Phoenix of New Orleans, Troy McQuagge made a huge impact in the lives of people who had been affected by the disaster.

Troy and his team assisted in the construction of homes in some of the areas that were most affected in the city. The institution chose to give out hundreds of man hours so that the city could be restored back to its former glory. The residents of the area will now enjoy more than just normal housing. The HOPE initiative has made sure that all the affected families have secure and standard houses so that they can start rebuilding themselves.

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January 29, 2018