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Neurocore changing the way we view depression

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Neurocore Brain performance are dedicated to helping children and adults to manage their sleep, stress and improve their concretion. This company collects data and comes up with a individual programs for each individual. Since 2004, Neurocore has become one of the leading authorities in neuroscience. They have nine locations in Michigan and Florida. Their main headquarters are located in Grand Rapid, Michigan. Neurocore hires well trained medical specialists, which are dedicated to providing the best care. They offer many treatments such as heart variability training, qEEG feeback training, nuerofeedback, and attention testing. Their website offer information, contact information and job offers. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Their programs have a three step program. The first step is the initial assessment to see how your brain works. Based on the initial assessment, a specialists will come up with a individualized plan for each patient’s needs. Through positive reinforcement and repetition, neurocore’s program will train your brain to work more efficiently. The final step is a comparison of a final assessment, which is compared to the initial assessment. The specialist will analyze this comparison and relate his finding to the patients. Neurocore believes that brain is not “hardwired” and can change with the right treatment. One type of treatment does offer is helping patients with their depression. Read more about Neurocore at

Many patients come into Neurocore Brain Performance Centers with depression. These patient’s depression with varying levels of severity. Neurocore understand that a patient’s depression affects their families as well. On their website, the symptoms of depression can be low energy levels, low self esteem, low motivation, anxiety and social isolation. First, they use an initial assessment using qEEG brain mapping to get a better idea of what is causing your depression. From this information, the specialist will come up with a individualized plan for each patient. The specialists hooks you up to EEG Feeback machine where you watch a video. If the machine detects that a negative change in your brain waves, the video will stop and inform you that something is off. The specialist will then collect the data from the EEG Feedback treament and offer a treatment. The benefits of neurofeedback are improved focus, increased energy levels, increased quality of sleep, improved mood, reduce stress and reduce migraines. Neurocore specialists will then offer counseling to find ways that your can reduce stress in patient’s daily lives. Neurocore understands their are many questions about their treatment plans so they can be contacted for further information. They understand that patients are afraid that they won’t be able to afford depression treatment. Neurocore is dedicated to working with your insurance company to come up with a fair and realistic payment plan. Neurocore is working hard to make depression treatments easy, affordable and safe.


March 19, 2018