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Donald De La Haye Kicked Off UCF Football Team For YouTube Channel

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Most universities in the United States have sports programs. Some of them are so popular, their games are broadcast on live television, individually drawing millions of viewers. However, even though these Division I schools, part of the National Collegiate Athletic Administration, rely on their players to ultimately generate revenue, they aren’t paid like professional athletes.

Rather, they’re given scholarships to universities they play for. They’re not allowed to sign autographs for money, or otherwise use their likeness and reputation in such a way to earn revenue, dictates the leading body on collegiate sports, the NCAA.

Even though the NCAA and participant schools themselves can earn substantial revenues just from sports programs – some school earn more from sports than actual tuition – athletes aren’t allowed to be paid. Why? Other college students – musicians awarded scholarships to play in universities’ bands, for example – are, in fact, able to make businesses out of their likenesses.

Donald De La Haye Gets The Short End Of The NCAA’s Stick

Donald De La Haye, formerly a member of the University of Central Florida’s Division I football team, was recently kicked off the squad, with his scholarship being revoked, all for the YouTube channel Deestroying, which De La Haye created back in 2011.

Today, he has roughly 600,000 subscribers, and earns money from YouTube’s monetization – or ad placement – of his videos.

In return, Donald De La Haye has filed a lawsuit against the University of Central Florida. Historically, sports teams and the NCAA have always won.

April 12, 2018