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No more Modesty Ponchos for High School Student’s Prom

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Prom is a time of the year that many high school students cannot wait to happen. When it does come around many young people dress up and look their best. This is especially true for females who go to the prom. They normally wear some really classy and great looking dresses for this special occasion. However, some females tend to go overboard and where dresses or gowns that is way to inappropriate for this event.

Huffington Post featured a story about modesty ponchos. They are for young females who reveal too much of their body during prom. The modesty ponchos would be worn by scantly clad teens and then given back to staff once the dance was over. This might seem like a good idea. However, a Catholic High School in Dearborn, Michigan was severely criticized for wanting to use these items for this year’s upcoming prom.

Many students and their parents protested the school’s decision to use the modesty poncho. The school’s official stated that the poncho’s purpose was to help bring out a young lady’s inner beauty. The school decided not to use the ponchos since student, parental and public outcry was so great. They will use shawls and wraps to cover up females who expose too much of their flesh. The prom will take place in May. Staff members who will host the event will do their best to ensure that young teens are treated respectfully if they happen to expose too much skin.

May 25, 2018

A New Jersey School Superintendent is Caught Defecating on School Grounds

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A school superintendent within the state of New Jersey is now facing some rather unusual criminal charges. Huffington Post reported a story on May 3, about a former superintendent of Holmdel, New Jersey named Thomas Tramaglini. He has been charged with defecating in public, lewdness and littering. Tramaglini was the leading figure for the Holmdel School District. This is a small township that lies south Jersey City and New Brunswick. Tramaglini was arrested by Holmdel law enforcement officials early in May of 2018.

Feces was discovered on the school grounds by athletic coaches and by the school’s staff members. The employees of the school were finding human feces in different areas of the football field and the outdoor track course. This was not an isolated incident. Someone was habitually relieving themselves everyday on the field. At first some staff members thought it was student’s pulling a prank then they realized it was something more. The staff members reported at least 8 separate incidents involving human feces on the school’s grounds within the last few months.

The staff members then decided to monitor the field to catch the culprit. Eventually, Tramaglini was supposedly spotted by some staff members using the bathroom on the field area. As a matter of fact, no one else was spotted doing this type of thing on the field but Tramaglini. The former superintendent had to take a paid leave of absence from his position.

The former superintendent has been replaced by Brian Luciani, the district’s Director of Academics, will now fill Tramaglini’s position. Holmdel School District sent out an official tweet to their staff and to the students and parents at the school. The tweet assured various members of the school community that Tramaglini’s infraction will not impeded or disrupt the learning process.

This unusual situation has many residents in the Holmdel area wondering about the leadership of the school district. The behavior was very unnatural and many people wanting to know if they are going to encounter more of this type of activity. Once again, members of the Holmdel’s schoolboard assures everyone that the district will continue to educate students without further incident from this matter.

May 22, 2018

Oklahoman Public School Get A Protest’s Payday

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Teachers around the United States are habitually paid less than they should rake in from having to deal with the discipline of students, teaching 20 or 30 young minds all at once, and working far more than 40 hours per week most weeks, just to grade papers and form quality lesson plans.

With such difficult responsibilities – not to mention that people earn far more money taking up less-challenging positions around every sector across the entirety of America – it simply doesn’t make much sense that adults trained to teach and be trusted with parents’ children.

Keeping all of this information in mind, why do public school teachers in the United States at all levels get paid peanuts? It doesn’t make any sense, whatsoever.

For the first time in a while, Oklahoma was one of the first states to kick off protests by its teachers and administrators employed by public schools in hopes of gaining more pay for its workforce across the entire state system.

Fortunately, Oklahoman teachers were able to end their protest – one that culminated in the collective group of Oklahoman public school teachers, ranging from those teachers that instruct preschool, all the way to the last class on one’s senior year in high school – after weeks of being outspoken and not once, at least those participating in it, not showing up to teach class.

The educators of Oklahoma are collectively happy after the $50 million hike set forth by the state’s congress earlier this week at a comfy $50 million.

May 12, 2018

Oklahoma Teachers Walking Out For Higher Pay

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Students are not the only ones staging “walkouts” in the state of Oklahoma. All this week, school across the state of Oklahoma were forced to close their doors as many of their teachers staged a walkout and marched on the state capitol. The reason for the walkout is perplexing to some but for the teachers involved the message is clear: fair pay and proper funding.

The walkout comes just one week after the Governor signed a bill that would give teachers a wage increase of around 18%. This move seemed to make the problem worse however, as many teachers felt the move was just a temporary stop gap to keep the issue hidden.

Over 1,000 teachers have been part of this week’s flooding of the state capitol building and nearly 40,000 teachers have taken part in the state-wide walkout. They are saying that they are underpaid and their classrooms do not have the funding they need. There have been numerous reports of classrooms that do not have enough chairs for their students and teachers needing to work a second job just to keep food on their family’s table.

There is some sentiment that the teachers are grandstanding and the timing of the walkout is being questioned. Last week was spring break in most Oklahoma school districts and, with the walkout beginning Monday, many are saying that the teachers are just extending their vacations. One thing is for certain: getting the teachers back to work as soon as possible should be the priority of the state.

April 20, 2018

Professor’s block bounty deserves a failing grade

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An anonymous professor at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga is offering bonus points and a free absence to the student who can help him get blocked on Twitter by President Trump.

The assignment, which gained public attention after one of the professor’s students tweeted about it, should be rethought or retracted immediately.

By telling his students “I’ll post them from my Twitter account,” the professor tacitly endorses plagiarism. If he were going to credit the winning tweet, he would let the student send out the tweet from the student’s account. He wouldn’t tolerate an obvious flouting of intellectual property if it occurred in his class, so why would he suggest it?

This whole charade is opportunism and grandstanding. The professor has a clear anti-Trump bias, so why would he even care to get blocked by a person he clearly doesn’t respect? After Twitter’s bot purge earlier this week, why would he reduce his account to trolling?

Colleges are are supposed to encourage dialogue and expression, not stifle them. If one of his students were to get a rare chance to engage the president, why would they squander it in hopes of getting blocked?

Given Trump’s penchant for beefing with his critics, a block from Trump isn’t exactly a rarity. In fact, the professor should give bonus points to the student who successfully engages Trump, who is acutely attuned to his critics.

Twitter has enough trolls and spam accounts. We hardly need someone from academia wading in those waters.

March 23, 2018

President Trump Proposes an Increase in Budget for Education

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The annual budget of Trump’s administration was released on February 12th. It was largely similar to the one released last year and mirrored the unwavering set of priorities of the Trump administration. This is especially true for the ones concerning the federal student loans.

The reforms that were made last year to the student loan budget pertain to the income-driven repayment system, loan forgiveness for students in public-service positions, and the subsidization of student loans. The reformation of the first and the elimination of the second two save billions of dollars per year.

The way that student loans are repaid is completely reformed. Student borrowers used to pay their loans as a share of their income. This was usually 10% above a certain threshold. Such borrowers received forgiveness for remaining sums after 20 years of consistent payment. Trump proposes boosting the percentage and increasing the payment period to 30 years for graduate student borrowers before receiving forgiveness.

Subsidy for undergraduate borrowers is eliminated. The budget eliminates interest-free loans for borrowers still enrolled in school.

The third reform eliminates the Public Service Loan Forgiveness – a program that grants forgiveness after ten years for borrowers working in government jobs or at most nonprofit organizations.

The Trump administration claims that all these cuts will save taxpayers $203 billion in the next ten years. The administration also proposes an increase of $300 million for funding the Federal Work-Study. The educational budget will also redirect $40 million yearly for short-term education programs with Pell Grant funding.

March 19, 2018

New Utah Budget to Allocate Billions for Education

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Governor Gary Herbert of Utah is planning a new budget that would spend nine billion dollars a year on education. The state is expecting to receive an extra three hundred and eighty two million dollars in tax revenue next year, and Governor Herbert wants to use the opportunity to help out students. Seventy two percent of that extra money will go towards education. The entire budget for next year, according to Governor Herbert’s plan, amounts to 16.7 billion dollars. He will give extra money to districts that have more kids who are at risk of academic failure.

It is not just traditional colleges and elementary schools that Governor Herbert wants to help. He plans on spending seven million dollars to help out vocational schools and trade schools. Utah is experiencing problems with its workforce and labor rate.

Governor Herbert explained that by going to trade school, students can spend less time in school, spend less money, and go into less debt and still be able to advance their lives and get a good career. He said he is calling next year The Year of Technical College Education.

He is not the only one to do so. Republicans in Congress have been working on a higher education bill that would reform the federal aid system to provide more aid to trade schools and vocational schools.

December 31, 2017

Higher Education Act Finalized

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There are many people in the United States who feel like the education industry should be improved. One of the biggest issues with the current education environment is the cost of college. Few people have the ability to pay for college without taking on massive student loans.

The Higher Education Act has been finalized by Republican leaders. This is a bill that will help reduce the overall cost of education for students. Some people are concerned that the details in the bill do not seem to explain how it will help students with the cost of college.

Student Loans

Student loans are the most common way to pay for college today. The average college student is graduating with record levels of student loan debt. Although borrowing money for college is not a bad thing, there are many students who end up borrowing too much money.

To make things worse, the job market for new graduates has not been strong. There are many college graduates who have trouble landing a job in their field. This results in young people who have debt without a high income to pay it down.

This new education act will have to be passed in both houses of Congress. It will be interesting to see how much the bill changes between now and the time it passes. Everyone agrees that the overall education system needs to be changed. However, few people actually agree on what needs to change to help improve things for college students.

December 30, 2017

How Adults Can Go Back to College

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Many adults are going back to get a degree. If you are a married man or woman with children, and you are going back to college, then here are some tips for you.

Adults who go back to college are not doing it for fun. They are doing it because they want to build a better future for themselves and their family. You need to know what you want to get out of going to college. Once you know your goals, you will be able to determine what your course study should be and which aspects of college you should skip.

You also need to be able to fit college into your schedule. This can be very difficult. One way to do this is by taking part time classes. If you are working full time during the day, consider taking classes at night. Another idea is supplementing your classes with online classes. This will give you more flexibility, and you will be able to study on weekends and when you are off from work.

Besides working classes into your schedule, you also have to work them into your budget. Of course, you can take out student loans. That will help you pay for classes, but you will go into debt. You can consider taking on another job too.

Finally, realize that it will take some acclimating on your part to get back into the academic world. You may need some help remembering certain subjects.

December 29, 2017

Online Courses Are Becoming More Popular – Some Useful Tips

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Online courses are becoming more and more popular. They offer opportunities for education that regular courses do not offer. There is more flexibility, and of course, you can study without commuting anywhere.

Not all online courses are exclusively online. Some may require you to show up for certain lessons in person. When choosing an online course, make sure that the course fits your schedule and your needs.

Online courses can give you more flexibility. Unlike traditional courses, you may not have a set time where you show up for class. Therefore, you need to create a schedule that works for you and which gives you enough time to get through the entire course. Once you create your schedule, make sure to stick to it. You will need to be motivated, because nobody will be there to remind you when you are studying at home. It is a good idea to set aside a certain place where you study and have your work materials.

It is a good idea to prepare for the course, just like any education course. Take a look at any course material that is recommended as study material. Take out books from your local library, if necessary.

Make sure that you can access the course. You may need certain software. Take a look at the system requirements and make sure that you meet them. You may need a strong and fast internet service in order to attend the online course.

December 28, 2017