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New Start Time Bill for Schools as Deployed By California Law

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In recent news, the California School Committee has approved a school start time bill. The bill seeks to restrict schools start time, in the state of California, to no earlier than 8: 30 am. Soon it will be illegal in the state of California for schools to require their students to be in class earlier than 8:30 am. According to a research done by the American Academy of pediatrics and the American academy of sleep medicine, it is unhealthy and counterproductive for students to be in school earlier than 8:30am. The bill, introduced by Senator Anthony J. Portantino, seeks to make California the first state in the U.S to allow for the healthy sleep of middle and high school students.

Changing of the school bell time was a challenge, it took the people of California long to adjust to the new rules. This is because the newly placed rule threatened to collide with the school’s normal rules and regulations. According to Anthony J. Portantino, introducing the bill also meant changing of bell time, and this had an impact in the teachers and parents daily schedules. However, the education committees together with parents strongly embraced the start time bill idea. The movement, as said by Portantino, is a way of improving student’s public health and achievement to attain positive results.

So far, the school start time bill has proven to be the most effective rule ever passed by the state. It has resulted in a smooth transition to healthier hours at school. Moreover, it has ensured healthy social strata among the students in the community. Due to the school start time bill, there has been a reduced level of impulsivity reports among teenagers which proves that the law has aided widely in reducing the level of depression among teenagers.

August 13, 2017

The Reasons Some Students Remain In College While Others Do Not

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The most recent draft for the National Basketball Association showed out of the ten top picks nine were freshmen. After just one year attending college they decided they were done. The term they used was one and done. Despite the fact that college is highly important and they had a free ride they dropped out of college. This was due to the financial pressures of college compared to the significant earnings they expected to make playing basketball professionally. Most of the athletes with motivation and talent expect to earn millions in their careers so they are trying to get through college as fast as they can. The other students with the same motivation and talent are not looking for a shorter path because they do not have a career in sports. Tradition associates students looking for a faster way through college as having less talent and motivation and pursuing lower credentials.

One of the major differences is it is easier to measure the talent of a basketball player than the aptitude of students in other areas. Potential professional basketball players are also watched more closely by the system. This trend is beginning to change because top employees are productive and in higher demand. GitHub is a technological company being credited with a platform that showcases code for potential future employers. For further details regarding college statistics please visit

Changes are also being seen in financial students. They have begun using EquitySim to demonstrate their skills in portfolio management and trading to hedge funds and investment banks. All over the different sectors of the economy students have started uploading presentations, papers, and problem sets to Portfolium in an attempt to showcase their capabilities for creating value. Employers are able to locate the competencies they are looking for by using micro-credentials from Credly.

August 8, 2017

Stresses That Cause Teachers To Leave The Education Industry

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There has been a thirty five percent reduction in the amount of high school graduates who are going on to receive higher education for the teaching industry. With the expected enrollment of students to continually rise and the disinterest of young adults to become educators there is going to be a supply and demand shortage within the education system. It has been reported that roughly eight percent of teachers leave the industry yearly. But what is causing this?

Some may argue that while teachers unions strike due to budget cuts, lack of pay increases and health care plan reduction that these are not the reasons at the core of the teachers leaving. Budget cuts for school districts does put an extra burden on teachers. Most teachers suppy their own class rooms out of their own pockets. Teachers purchase additional school supplies for students who parents may not be able to. They work more then a typical 8 hour day since they are also up late working on lesson plans and grading papers. Pay should definitely be a factor. While teachers are making barely enough to pay off their own student loans and get by they also have to fear about their health insurance. If worrying about health care and pay isn’t enough teachers also feel as though they do not have enough support. Veteran teachers should be recognized for their longevity within their districts and new teachers should be encourgaged. The honor of educating young minds should not be over looked and many teachers do not feel their administration and unions truely hear their concerns. For some children, their teacher is the most constant in their lives. They spend 8 hours a day with the same adult and that adults concerns should not be neglected.

August 7, 2017