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New Start Time Bill for Schools as Deployed By California Law

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In recent news, the California School Committee has approved a school start time bill. The bill seeks to restrict schools start time, in the state of California, to no earlier than 8: 30 am. Soon it will be illegal in the state of California for schools to require their students to be in class earlier than 8:30 am. According to a research done by the American Academy of pediatrics and the American academy of sleep medicine, it is unhealthy and counterproductive for students to be in school earlier than 8:30am. The bill, introduced by Senator Anthony J. Portantino, seeks to make California the first state in the U.S to allow for the healthy sleep of middle and high school students.

Changing of the school bell time was a challenge, it took the people of California long to adjust to the new rules. This is because the newly placed rule threatened to collide with the school’s normal rules and regulations. According to Anthony J. Portantino, introducing the bill also meant changing of bell time, and this had an impact in the teachers and parents daily schedules. However, the education committees together with parents strongly embraced the start time bill idea. The movement, as said by Portantino, is a way of improving student’s public health and achievement to attain positive results.

So far, the school start time bill has proven to be the most effective rule ever passed by the state. It has resulted in a smooth transition to healthier hours at school. Moreover, it has ensured healthy social strata among the students in the community. Due to the school start time bill, there has been a reduced level of impulsivity reports among teenagers which proves that the law has aided widely in reducing the level of depression among teenagers.

August 13, 2017

How to Raise a Bilingual Child

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According to an online article,, bilingual children are rare, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. The monolinguist nature of these two English speaking nations have taken their toll on the children who are being raised bilingual only to end up in their adult life speaking strictly English.

Sociologists and psychologists are campaigning for the local population to raise bilingual children, as the ability to speak more than one language opens up so many opportunities in today’s world. They are advising parents who are non-English natives to teach their languages to their children by speaking today in their local tongues, reading them books which are translated in their language, or sing native songs from their home countries. According to the specialists, this way, the children will be more exposed to the language and they will learn it faster. Based on studies, it is not enough that the parents would only speak to their children using their native tongue. Exposing them to the language is the key, and by giving them the time to learn, the child could become bilingual.

As the child grows, it is also important for parents to track the child’s progress with speaking their language. Because English is widely used in the United States and the United Kingdom, it is recommended that the parents should always take a time to have their children embrace their second language. There are ways on how this can be achieved, like letting their children watch shows that teaches another language, or songs that are bilingual in nature. They also have to let their child visit another country to let them be exposed to more local speakers. This way, children would take up the language as they grow, and there is a small chance of them forgetting it.

August 11, 2017

The Secret to Higher Scores on Exams

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There is always a lot of talk about getting higher scores on standardized tests. Teachers come into question. The course of study comes into question. So many fingers get pointed, but there is one area that always seems to get overlooked. This area that plays a very important part in education that will get overlooked more common than not is the nutrition of the children.

There are a lot of children that are struggling with the process of getting the higher scores for their exams because they are not getting the proper nutrition. Anyone that has failed to notice the need to a proper nutrition in the school is missing the mark. It should be obvious since better nutrition is the thing that adults are going to need to make better decisions during the course of the day.

Good sleeping habits are going to be a factor in how well children function in classes during the day. This is certainly something that is important. Unfortunately, the school system cannot do anything to regulate good sleeping habits. Board directors and officials for school systems can do something about the menus and the foods that are being served in the school. The breakfast and lunch menu is the cornerstone to better scores. A better school menu with more fruits and vegetables is going to be the thing that stimulates the learning process. Anyone that doesn’t realize this is just missing the one element that can turn everything around.

That is the reason that Michelle Obama has worked hard to push healthy eating. People that are not pushing for a healthier menu are depriving kids of what they really need to improve their learning process. The kids that are excelling in school are the ones that are giving their bodies the proper fuel.

August 10, 2017

Where There Is a Will, There is Learning

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If you had the opportunity to help your child perform better at school, what would you improve in their life. Maybe you thought about transferring them to a better school, hiring a home tutor, or even buying a MacBook for their assignments. What if you learn that all that your child needs is the best nutrition and good lighting?

For some of us, electricity is not a problem at home. However, for millions of poverty stricken families in the shanties of the Philippines, electricity is more of a pipe dream. It gets worse, millions of shanties are interconnected together that even access to daylight is a problem. So what is the plight of the child who lives in such conditions and has to study at home?

There is a group of well wishers who discovered a solution. They could make light bulbs out of plastic bottles filled with bleach water. The ratio of water to bleach is 1: 000.3, which is enough to trap daylight and distribute it evenly in a dark room. The result is an inexpensive homemade light bulb that allows kids to study at home. No need for electricity meaning no power bills to worry about.

For nutrition, a study shows that a bigger percentage of kids are not receiving enough nutrients in their day-to-day meals. This means that their bodies lack the right fuel it needs to help them learn better. A case study revealed that kids perform better (up to 4% increase on their average grades) if they eat right. So how about replacing that bag of potato chips with a salad bar for their school snack?

In a nutshell, you only need two things to get your child the right education: an ample environment for studying and meals that provide the required nutrition. With an inexpensive innovation like a bleach-water bulb, maybe this would free up some money to invest in good food for your child’s mind.

August 9, 2017

The Reasons Some Students Remain In College While Others Do Not

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The most recent draft for the National Basketball Association showed out of the ten top picks nine were freshmen. After just one year attending college they decided they were done. The term they used was one and done. Despite the fact that college is highly important and they had a free ride they dropped out of college. This was due to the financial pressures of college compared to the significant earnings they expected to make playing basketball professionally. Most of the athletes with motivation and talent expect to earn millions in their careers so they are trying to get through college as fast as they can. The other students with the same motivation and talent are not looking for a shorter path because they do not have a career in sports. Tradition associates students looking for a faster way through college as having less talent and motivation and pursuing lower credentials.

One of the major differences is it is easier to measure the talent of a basketball player than the aptitude of students in other areas. Potential professional basketball players are also watched more closely by the system. This trend is beginning to change because top employees are productive and in higher demand. GitHub is a technological company being credited with a platform that showcases code for potential future employers. For further details regarding college statistics please visit

Changes are also being seen in financial students. They have begun using EquitySim to demonstrate their skills in portfolio management and trading to hedge funds and investment banks. All over the different sectors of the economy students have started uploading presentations, papers, and problem sets to Portfolium in an attempt to showcase their capabilities for creating value. Employers are able to locate the competencies they are looking for by using micro-credentials from Credly.

August 8, 2017

How Betsy DeVos the current Secretary of Education has been involved in education

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Betsy DeVos is now a familiar name among many people after being appointed the secretary of education by President Donald Trump. However, it is not by luck that Betsy was given that great seat. According to, she has contributed a lot to education.

She has filled in as the director of American Federation for Children the number one advocacy group in the United States. Through the Federation, she battled intensely for reforms in the education sector that have given guardians more alternatives for their children’s education. On account of her work, more than a million children are presently attending schools of their choice instead of being confined by zipping codes in schools that sometimes fall short for their necessities.

Betsy has likewise begun new education openings in West Michigan. Together with her significant other Dick, they started West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, an open sanction secondary school that was propelled by their adoration for education and Dicks cherish for aviation.

Betsy has been partaking in education matters for nearly 30 years as a voice for parents and an advocate for children. She is for the most part enthusiastic about policies that assist underserved children in getting a quality education.


Betsy started her political involvement over three decades ago as a volunteer for President Gerald R. Ford. In spite of the fact that her participation has incorporated a few influential positions, her concentration has dependably been education reforms and decision. She filled in as the administrator of Michigan Republican Party from 1996 to 2005 and has served on the Republican National Committee.

In an interview, with Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy said that meeting underprivileged children at Potter’s House Christian School together with her better half is the one thing that roused them to continue going back to the school to help individual students, which later developed to a bigger duty.

On her most noteworthy accomplishment, Betsy said it is a tax-credit scholarship program in Florida. The program has empowered Florida to have the best broad education decisions in the US, and as the program grows, more students are going to the school of their choice.

August 6, 2017

US For-Profit Education is on the Brink

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After experiencing a heyday in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the for-profit education industry seems to be in trouble. According to an article on news website Buzzfeed, the United States is currently experiencing a wave of school closures, especially private, for-profit institutions.

Much of this is due to tightened federal regulations that require schools participating in federal student loan programs to show that graduates are getting jobs after graduation. This crackdown only applies to for-profit schools, which have been under intense scrutiny following major fraud scandals in recent years. In fact, 366 for-profit institutions ceased operations in 2016, which amounts to a staggering 11% of for-profit schools. Some of these schools, such as ITT Technical Institute, have been around for decades.

Sudden closures such as in the case of ITT can be extremely problematic, as students from nationally accredited institutions may find it difficult to transfer their credits to regionally accredited schools. Many of these students already have significant student loan debt as for-private schools tend to have the highest tuition rates.

The for-profit education industry went through a wave of consolidation as the sector was reaching maturity, and some industry giants have been hit down by the federal crackdown. One example is EDMC, which owns the Art Institutes and Brown Mackie Colleges, which have traditionally been heavily advertised on a daytime television. The company also owns Argosy University, which specializes in professional education. EDMC is attempting to sell off most of its campuses.

The future of the for-profit educational industry is grim indeed. Without student loans, the lifeblood of these schools, there is no way they can be profitable. Although a few schools may survive, most of the institutions which offer degrees in fields with fewer employment options are now faced with the prospect of a business model that just doesn’t work anymore.

August 4, 2017

Changing Homework For The Better

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When your child comes home with an assignment from school that you think is inappropriate, what can you do but change it like one mother did? Lynne Polvino was looking over her 6-year-old daughter’s homework one night like she always does when she noticed that a word passage was a problem. She posted pictures of the original and the edited homework assignment on Facebook for other parents and teachers to see.


The assignment was to write a story about a girl named Lisa. Blanks were left in the sentences with three words to choose from with the student making the choice of which word fit best. The title of the story was “Back To Work.” The story started with a normal situation of a girl who didn’t want her mother to go back to work after being at home. Everyone was rushing to get to work and school on time, and Lisa had a bad day because she felt neglected. Lisa’s dad made breakfast, which wasn’t very good. The story ends with Lisa feeling better because her mother can get off early to pick her up from school at the end of the day.


Lynne looked at the story as the writer trying to tell children that it’s a bad thing for both parents to work outside the home. It also suggests that fathers can’t do household chores. Lynne’s version of the story is about Lisa’s mother going back to work after being out for maternity leave. She gave descriptions about the father making a good breakfast and everything running smoothly in the home while the mother took care of Lisa’s baby brother. This is an example of a parent taking the education of the child into her own hands.


July 6, 2017

The Life and Achievements of Betsy DeVos

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Betsy Devos or better known by her full name Elisabeth Dee Devos is a well-known Politician, Philanthropist Business Woman and Activist, that is famous for her numerous achievements as the current United States Secretary of Education. She is currently an active member of the Republican party. Betsy Devos also supports numerous school program vouchers, charter schools, and school choices, which makes her the woman that she is right now. Check this related article from New York Post.

In her early years, Betsy Devos grew up in Michigan, and took up her education at the Holland Christian High School, which is a school situated at the same town where she grew up. After high school, she took up her college education at the Grand Rapids Calvin College, where she earned her degree in arts. In her college years, she had already shown a passion for politics, she joined her school’s political movements and has been able to keep that a part of her up to this day.

Betsy Devos has also been a participant of the Church movement in North America and has also been an active member of the Hill Mars Bible Church also situated in the same area. Her family has been known to be one of Michigan’s richest, she married her husband named Richard Marvin or otherwise known as Dick DeVos, who is a well-known heir to the billion dollar fortune. Dick DeVos has also been a generous and conservative donor to many social causes and political campaigns. He was also named the Michigan Nominee for Republican Governor in 2006.

At present, Betsy Devos has upstretched a total of $150,000 personally for the Bush Campaign Re-election in 2004, as well as host a campaign in her house for Republicans in October of 2008 that was advertised by the President at the time during the Bush organization. For that presidency, she was named the chairperson for finance at the Republican Committee for a period of Two years, and has worked hand in hand with the Government on different projects.

Since it has been mentioned that Betsy Devos has also been a Philanthropist and Activist, through the years, she has contributed and opened many foundations that have been very helpful to the public like the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation, which was formed to help the Community, Arts, Justice, Education, and Leadership. Through this foundation alone, they were able to raise more than $11.6 Million in charitable contributions and has also made a lifetime charitable giving to $139 Million.

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Through this foundation, they have also been able to help a lot of Christian Schools, Hospitals, and Evangelical Missions by donating generous amounts of money. Betsy Devos has also been able to contribute large sums of money to other foundations which she has been known for throughout her career.

June 25, 2017

Education System to Change Soon

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Following the surprise results of the 2016 Presidential Election, people across the world have been waiting to see the government’s stance on a variety of issues. One area that has a lot of people talking is the area of public education. This past week, the administration made several comments and decisions that show the direction that it will be taking the education system across the country (


This past week, President Donald Trump announce that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would be looking for ways to change the way that the federal government involves itself in local educational systems. He has stated that DeVos has been given 300 days to find a way to change the way that the Department of Education is involved in school districts across the country. This will likely include reviewing the history of the Department of Education and determining which laws should be changed to reduce the impact that the Department can have.


Ultimately, the administration is looking to find ways to take the power out of the hands of the Department of Education and give more control back to the states and local education systems. This idea has been controversial overall, but welcomed by many people that believe that the educational system should be curtailed to the needs of each community it serves. Betsy DeVos is continuing to look for ways in which the Department of Education will be able to work with each state to develop a system that provides the educational support each community needs.

May 18, 2017