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Fewer Kids Going For Higher Degrees

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A few decades ago, it was the goal of the majority of students to further their education. Certainly, under most circumstances, this was applying to and enrolling in an undergraduate program. Things in the educational world have changed dramatically over the last decade. Now, statistics show that the number of students enrolling in college for an undergraduate degree is steadily declining. This steady decline took place over the last six years. This is a frightening statistic for colleges and universities that are hungry for new students to fill their schools and keep them going.


Declining Enrollments

Colleges across the country were giving the thumbs up to all the students that were enrolling in the undergraduate bachelor’s degree programs. However, this slight increase over the spring was not enough to stop the decline in other higher educational programs. For example, associate degrees and certificate program also experienced a sharp decline in enrollment across the country. Sources believe this sharp decline in those programs are due to the availability of more jobs that attract recent high school graduates or others with only a high school degree. In fact, the unemployment rate is at an all time low. It seems like the availability of more jobs has also led to the decline in undergraduate enrollments.


Saving Colleges

This decline in enrollment could dramatically affect colleges across the country, if it continues. However, experts in the educational field attribute the decline to a cycle that the country is experiencing. Certainly, things will change in the coming years and college enrollment will rise.

June 19, 2018

Walmart Paying People To Attend College

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The cost of attending college is continuing to rise. However, people who work at Walmart will be able to save a lot of money on college. Walmart is creating a program that will require employees to pay a $1 per day for their education. Walmart will pay for the rest of the cost of the books, tuition and fees.


All employees who have worked for Walmart for at least 90 days will be eligible. It does not matter whether you are full-time, part-time or salaried. This program is limited to people who are earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. However, educational options will be expanded in the future.


It is also important to note that employees must attend Bellevue University, Brandman University or the University of Florida. All of these schools are accredited and are geared towards working adults. Walmart has teamed up with a program called Guild Education to offer this benefit to employees.


Workers will have someone to help them with the application process. They will also have someone to help them choose the degree that is right for them. Additionally, workers will be able to attend job trainings that will allow them to earn college credits. This will reduce the time it takes to earn their degree.


This is not the only thing that Walmart has done to help its employees. It raised the minimum wage to $11 per hour in February. Walmart is trying to compete with other companies.

June 18, 2018

Undergraduate Enrollment Has Declined For Six Straight Years

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Enrollment in post-secondary degrees are declining, says an NPR article posted on Reddit. It seems despite the campaigns for the necessity of getting a baccalaureate degree, for six years, students enrollment has steadily declined.


According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, the numbers have declined by more than 1.5 million enrollees, for adults 24 and over. However, more students are enrolling into technical non-degree programs. Administrators say the range of professional programs offered by the different institutions has been diversified, leading to more enrollments.


Student Loans Affect Enrollment


“Students should not be asked to pay more for their loans than they can afford” said then-presidential nominee and current President, Donald Trump, but student loans are still a lasting burden. An education now can lead to more than 30 years of paying back loans.


The Federal Reserve says US student debt amounts to about $ 1.3 trillion. College graduates owe an average of $ 404 per month in loans, and this is a serious obstacle to paying bills. According to the College Board, of the 43 million Americans with student debt, 16% are at risk of never paying, which represents about $100 billion dollars.


President Trump says he has a plan to balance student loan payments that is better than what the federal government currently offers. The second part of his proposal to reduce the cost of student loans consists of forcing institutions to control their administrative and financial expenses in order to reduce the cost of tuition.


Of course making higher education affordable for everyone may be the answer to increasing enrollment.

June 17, 2018

Hot Temperatures Linked to Poor Student Performance

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A major study conducted by Harvard researchers and several other universities in the US has found that hotter weather leads to poorer academic performance by pupils. During years with hotter daily temperatures, students tend to score lower on exams versus years where the weather stays cooler.


The study looked at 10 million US secondary school students over more than a decade and showed that hot weather negatively impacts the test scores of students. The obvious solution to this problem would be installing air conditioning in classrooms, which is still an anomaly in most public schools and universities.


Researchers from Harvard, Georgia State University, and the University of California Los Angeles all worked together on the study that proves when temperatures rise, the performance of students declines. Interestingly, the trend remained true in all types of climates. Even in areas where temperatures are normally higher than therefore one could assume students would be able to assimilate to high temperatures, hot spikes in weather still affected student performance.


Based on their results, the researchers calculated that for every .55C degree increase, there was an approximate one percent decline in learning. On the other hand, colder temperatures did not seem to impact the learning process. Hot temperatures were found to be a problem starting as early as 21C. It was not until 32C however that significant changes in educational performance were recorded.

June 16, 2018

Standards Might Not Be Related To Student Performance

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Part of modern education, at least in that of the United States of America, not to mention the majority of the modern world, includes a reliance on state standards that lay out expectations and requirements for students on both an individual and school-wide basis.


Education News is a popular academic journal based in the United States. The active academic journal recently published findings from popular researchers that suggest there is not a positive correlation between student performance nor achievement as they related to states’ increases in the rigidity and loftiness of state standards.


Even though common sense might suggest that rising standards, under which teachers are legally required to try harder and see better improvements in their students’ performance on standardized tests taken at the end of each and every school year, researchers found that there isn’t, at all, a correlation between standard changes and kids’ performance.


Here’s how the publication performed its research.


Education Next looked at all official, true, accurate statistics that regard both the change of state standards all across the United States in conjunction with the educational performance and proficiency of students that are available dating back to 2005. Over a period spanning longer than a decade, it found that students aren’t any more likely to be “on track for college” than kids in schools whose states hadn’t recently raised standards.


Most states – as a matter of fact, a vast majority of states – did not see that their students’ proficiency rose no matter what states did.

June 15, 2018

Walmart To Help Employees Receive College Education

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There are people who work at Walmart with the hope of moving on to a different kind of job in the future. There are people who spend time working at the retailer as they attempt to save up money for college. Walmart is starting a new program to help those who are working at the retailer but dreaming of working a bigger and better job. The company is offering to pay for the college education of its employees to help them learn and move on to bigger and better jobs.


Walmart is going to help its employees learn by allowing them to attend three different nonprofit schools for just $1 a day. This retailer has decided that it will help its employees by setting them up with the chance to work toward Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees. The retailer knows that there are some out there who believe that it does not treat its employees fairly, and it is working hard to show that it truly cares about its staff that it has on hand.


There are people who are working part time at Walmart and there are others who are working full time there. The tuition program will be open to those who are working part time and those who are working full time, and it will help such people get the education that they need to move up in life. It is a smart and kind move on the part of Walmart.

June 14, 2018

Determined Single Mom Graduates From Harvard Law School

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How easy is it to graduate from Harvard Law School? Probably pretty challenging for most, but 24-year old single mom, Briana Williams did it.


According to Huffingpost, Ms. Williams overcame bouts of depression, single motherhood, and even took a final exam while in the beginning stages of labor, always refusing to give up on her dream.


Ms. Williams said she was determined to complete her law degree while working as a bartender and waitress to make ends meet. Her story went viral on Instagram, as she documented her journey at Harvard Law.


In addition to becoming a lawyer, Ms. Williams says she’ll write a book about life as a single mother and Harvard Law school student. She currently runs a podcast about her time as a student, in addition to today’s politics at Download Petty Politics, on itunes. She returned back to her native Los Angelos to begin at a new law firm, as a litigator.


The Institute for Women’s Policy Research says that attendance at colleges by single mom’s has grown significantly in the past few years, almost doubling since 2011.


Harvard Law is ranked number three in the country. Out of almost 6,000 applications to Harvard Law School, about 15 percent are accepted, and about 48 percent are women. Nearly 44 percent attend two-year colleges, and 14 percent a four-year institution.


While obstacles can compromise post secondary success, women like Harvard Law graduate, Briana Williams show everyone that it is certainly possible.

June 13, 2018

Teachers: What are they Worth

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Parents across the nation can agree on one thing, “My child deserves the best education”. But what are they willing to pay for it? Back in 2010, people shouted from the rooftops that teachers made too much money, something must be done! That gave the greenlight for states across the nation to slash budgets across the board forcing schools and teachers to come up with money out of their own pockets to provide a successful educational agenda. But now teachers across America are putting down their pocketbooks and picking up their picket signs demanding more funds for schools and badly needed pay raises. The website has a map outlining the average teachers salary across the nation according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lowest salary award goes to Oklahoma at $40,530. The teachers there are gathering at the state capital for a second week to fight for more school funding and payraises. The highest paid teachers are found in New York with an average salary of $80,540.

Mallory Heath, a teacher from Arizona recently told Buzzfeed reporter Claudia Koerner: “Without teaching, I didn’t know who I was”. The median salary in Arizona is $44,220. She recently sent a letter to the governor of Arizona voicing her outrage that she can’t even make a middle class salary after expenses in Arizona. You can read the entire article at

Teachers teach because they have a passion to bring out the best in every child. That is priceless!


June 12, 2018

Free College Tuition At Maryland Community Colleges

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Upon graduation from a high school, Maryland students will be able to go directly to community colleges in the fall semester — for free. A story, posted at Reddit, and published by Delmarva WBOC News, announced the law will take affect next year. It’s called America’s College Promise.


After high school, you have students wanting to continue their post secondary education but funds are limited, and few want the burden of student loans. Maryland community colleges will offer each student a free ride, worth $5000 in tuition. Students must attend full-time, taking a full load of courses (12 credits), and their GPA must remain at a 2.5 average.


Already, community colleges in several states offer free tuition to full-time students, like Tennessee and California. As of 2008, the Long Beach Community College offered free semester tuition, benefiting more than 13,000 students since. At the same time, California State University in Long Beach increased student enrollment by 71%.Tennessee began their free tuition program in 2015.


In 2016, around 25 schools in California provided free education, but in 2017 there are more than 50 institutions that are joining this initiative.


A full year of study at a community college represents a disbursement of approximately $1700, in costs that are covered by this program.


Parents also wonder, what happens if a student wants to transfer to a four-year college? Administrators say to think about options during these initial years, and it is better to have 50% of something, than 100% of nothing.

June 11, 2018

Westminster to Be Acquired by Chinese Company

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A company based in China called Beijing Kaiwen Education Technology will soon be acquiring the tight-knit but beloved Westminster school. The school is historically famous for it’s doting choir, and is located about eight miles away from Rider’s. Westminster has been facing its challenges in the financial department lately, and they have been continuously struggling to find a solution to keep their doors open. In a last-ditch effort to save the school, officials are selling it to the for-profit Chinese company in order see if they can help the Westminster legend live on.


There are some professors that currently work at Westminster who are still leery about turning over the school to Kaiwen Education. They worry that the company does not have adequate knowledge and experience surrounding educational operations. Some faculty members even wonder whether or not the takeover is absolutely necessary, stating that this is only being done for financial gain without the school’s best interest in mind.


Westminster currently has 439 students who are rooting for the school to succeed above all else. Gregory G. Dell’Omo is the president of Rider’s, and he has spoken about how he views the acquisition as passing on a kid to another caregiver in order to see if they can offer them more than they currently can. At this point, students and faculty can only hope that Kaiwen has access the the proper tools and levels of compassion to continue the school’s legacy.

June 10, 2018