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Taco Bell Now Offering Monetary Educational Assistance

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I’d imagine that if most people were tasked with using both college and Taco Bell in the same sentence, a common response would be something along the lines “during college, I used to go out drinking alcohol three nights a week, then go smash some Taco Bell.”

However – and it’s not to say like anybody is challenged to use both words in a sentence, or anything – Taco Bell will be associated with higher education in a more popular way from now on.

Get ready to work at Taco Bell!

All of Taco Bell’s 210,000-odd employees will be provided with a toolbox of financial assistance payments to help pay back their student loans, or even get rid of tuition before it rears its ugly head as interest-bearing loans.

Taco Bell is slated to help both past students that currently have outstanding loan debt as a result of attending college or trade school, as well as current employees that haven’t yet attended college, but aren’t comfortable with taking out loans for tuition, or financing the purchase of a class in college while being forced to enter one’s private information into the Federal Application For Free Student Aid – gotta love the FAFSA.

The fast-food company is also kind enough to offer eligible employees the help of tutors through Guild’s academic and financial aid coaches, as well as the power of college advisers that are tailored precisely to the students that work for Taco Bell, based on personality profiles taken through the company’s help.

April 15, 2018