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Stream Energy is Genuine about Charity

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Charity plays an important role in business in America. Businesses in the United States are particularly charitable when compared to the rest of the world, but that doesn’t mean that companies really care about the charities they are participating in. Most companies in America tend to throw money at charity, staying active via donation and using those donations as a buffer against future scandal. There are, however, a few companies that genuinely seem to have charity as a priority. One of these companies is Stream Energy. Since the beginning, Stream has been active in charity. The energy company based out of Dallas is fairly new to the energy game. However, the company has been making a huge dent in charitable operations in Dallas since its birth.

Stream Energy got their first recognition for this post-hurricane Harvey when Patch wrote an article about them and their charitable efforts. Of course, Stream Energy had been active in charity far before the article was written about them. Anybody who pays attention to Stream shouldn’t have been surprised by their work with the hurricane relief efforts. The year before the company was the first one on the ground after the tornadoes swept through the Dallas area. The company donated thousands towards those relief efforts.

Stream Energy also hosts charity events nearly year round. This year alone they have paid for veterans to have a steak dinner, taken the children of veterans to the American Girl Cafe and bought them American Girl dolls, sponsored the Splash for Hope and donated meals and supplies to homeless children, among many many other events. Stream seems to live and breathe charity. They have had a relationship with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity since the birth of the company, and seem to be active in every little nook and cranny of charitable work in Dallas.

Sure, most companies prefer to just throw money at charities blindly. Stream actually seems to genuinely care. They are active in charity without screaming for publicity and don’t seem to favor the big names in charity. They donate and participate in charities across Dallas, big and small.

May 8, 2018