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Goettl air conditioning units can beat the heat and save you money

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When the summer heat wave catches you off guard it is easy to run up the monthly costs of air conditioning. There is no need to go bankrupt over extremely high air conditioning bills. Here are three ways to beat the heat while still saving money:

1) Purchase a programmable thermostat

If you do not program your air conditioning system to run at specific times during the day, then your unit is going to be working hard all the time. Even when it does not have to. Program your air conditioning unit to run when the temperature reaches the highest point and then turn it off at night to save some money. Some programmable air conditioning units can control the temperature in different rooms. When you leave a room, there is no need to keep the air conditioning running at full speed.

2) Clean the air vents on a regular basis

Air vents clogged with dirt and dust will force the machine to work harder and use more energy. Dirty vents make it harder for air to circulate a room.

3) Avoid putting an air conditioning system in direct sunlight

The direct sunlight will cause an air conditioning machine to have to work harder than it normally would if it were placed in a cooler spot. Putting up a tree or closing the blinds during the day will help the air conditioning unit run smoothly.

Goettl provides quality air conditioning units to the residents of Arizona and surrounding areas. This company is committed to helping people keep cool during the hot summer months without charging them a fortune. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

The idea for the business started in 1926 by the Goettl brothers. The brothers decided to move to Arizona to start their air conditioning business during the Great Depression. At one time the Goettl brothers had over 100 patents.

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August 7, 2017