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Financial Education Lacking

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Receiving a good education is more important today than ever before. Those that are able to get a good education and eventually graduate college will ultimately be able to secure good jobs and be overall successful. While the education system in the United States today focuses on a lot of very important topics, many are beginning to believe that it could be neglecting one of the most important types of education overall (

One type of education that continues to be neglected in the classroom is financial education. This type of education should spend more time focusing on all types of consumer and investor education that can help people make better financial decisions when they are older. It has been recommended by many people that the average school across the country will start spending more time teaching students about saving, budgeting, how to manage that, and how to invest. Without this core background, many people are graduating from college and have no idea how to manage their finances.

While the United States today does not have any form of financial education in the typical school, other countries across the world are beginning to see the importance of it. In the United Kingdom, students across the country have been required to take some form of financial education for the past few years. The hope is that once a student graduates, they will be in a better position to make sound personal financial decisions to help them avoid going into deeper consumer debt.

June 5, 2018