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Brad Reifler -An Asset To The Financial Community

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Brad Reifler started his career when he founded Reifler Trading Company in the early 1980’s.The company maintained control over mega millions of dollars in discretionary accounts.These are accounts where the broker / agent has the power of attorney to buy and / or sell assets to be traded(certificates, stocks, bonds, etc…) without the clients’s consent(at the discretion of the broker).

Aside from managing these accounts, Reifler Trading Company also began providing institutional research, information dissemination, global derivative advisory and execution services as well.

The company became among the largest firms in futures operations. In 2000, Brad Reifler sold the firm to Refco, the world’s largest futures firm. Brad Reifler continued to excel and expand his name and reputation as a trustworthy financial professional worldwide. He is the founder of Pali Capital in 1995 with the “equity’s market” being the primary focus.

Instead of instructing the shareholders on what to buy and sell, Brad incorporated their ideas with top credit research and structure development,then taught the traders of sales how to articulate the “package” and execute it effectively. During Brad’s thirteen years with Pali Capital, their success was astonishing. The company pulled in over one million dollars in commission as income, employed over three hundred workers, and expanded the firm to having offices on four continents.

Today, Brad Reifler has his main focus on Forefront Capital,LLC. along with their subsidiaries, Forefront Advisory,LLC and Forefront Partners as their CEO. Since opening in 2009, Brad has worked tirelessly to create a firm unlike any other. Brad is able to attract top notch investment advisers, investment bankers, and business leaders in the Forefront community using their affiliate offices.

By being on Wall Street for over thirty years, Forefront has attracted influential business leaders through their vast array of relationships via the web. Brad Reifler believes that everyone should share there most important asset-relationships with others.

Brad Reifler received his Bachelor of Science Degree in History and Economics from City University of New York in 1975. Brad has an impressive skill set some of which include Leadership, Employee Relations, Talent Acquisition, Training, and Human Resources.

June 30, 2017