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Modern Wedding Planning

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Planning a wedding is stressful to say the least. Aside from location, invitations, food, and decorations the happy couple has to worry about all the guests and the entire wedding party. Getting everything done before the big day is a strain on the bride and groom as well as bridesmaids and groomsmen. Thankfully modern technology is making the whole process a little easier. With everything that needs to be done, it is good to know there is finally some relief.
In a recent article ( past, present and future wedding planning trends are discussed to highlight some major aspects of the whole process. Getting everyone dressed used to require multiple trips to bridal shops as well as the tedious ordeal of getting everyone’s measurements. Now rentals and websites are giving more options than ever before. As for wedding registers scanning bar codes in the store may be a thing of the past. Many retailers are offering online options where you can pick and choose what you want from the comfort of your own home.

There are even wedding specific sites that allow the couple to add items from multiple sites to ensure they get everything they truly need. Websites for engaged couples have also brought about convenient advancements. When they were first introduces these sites gave guests details of the wedding. Though helpful to others, they took away valuable time and effort that could be spent elsewhere. Now there are sites where information can be easily plugged in and the page could be customized to a specific wedding. With all the new features technology has to offer wedding planning is getting easier everyday.

Slyce is a company dedicated to giving easier access to information. When it comes to weddings everything that needs to be done takes time. With Slyce finding everything that is needed can be as easy as taking out a phone. Imagine seeing shoes that would match a bridesmaid dress perfectly. Finding them online is now as easy as snapping a picture. Slyce uses image recognition technology to match photos to retail sites. Long hours of searching through pages and pages of images can be a thing of the past. Both bar codes and pictures can be used and results come up instantly. Slyce saves time and makes planning weddings that much easier.

The digital age has given us so many advancements to making daily life more manageable. Even the daunting task of wedding planning has been improved with applications like Slyce. Creating the perfect day is now as simple as taking a photo.

March 30, 2016