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Putting Wen by Chaz to the test!

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WEN hair is an extremely popular hair product. Wen cleansing conditioner claims to replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and styling products. Fashion and beauty blogger, Emily McClure puts the sephora advertised product to test by using the cleansing conditioner once daily for 7 days. She posts daily photos of her hair, describing how it feels and how it was styled. Before starting she explained how she has thin hair and was hoping Wen by Chaz would give her “lucious, T.V. worthy strands.”
Her first time using Wen hair cleansing conditioner she explains how the amount of product she had to use was considerably more than what she would normally use with her regular shampoo. She was worried that it would weigh her fine hair down. To her surprise after blow drying her hair the end result was bouncy, shiny hair. Although the following morning brought some disappointment because her hair was greasy at the roots.

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As the week went on she realized that for her hair the product was best when used in the morning. If she washed her hair at night or didn’t have time to shower in the morning she would just end up with oily, flat hair. She did say that by day 7 her hair felt very soft and shiny. Friends of hers even noticed and complimented her on it. In her conclusion of her hair experiment, she says she would definitely use Wen cleansing conditioner whenever she needed some extra shine. Wen hair is available online on

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May 5, 2016