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21st Century Medical Aesthetics

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In today’s modern society, the medical industry is booming with activity, is booming innovation and is booming with ingenuity. Advanced technology has certainly uplifted this exclusive field of work and medical aesthetics is no exception. Mark McKenna, MBA, M.D., is one of the absolute leaders in this dynamic field, and he has changed the environment for medical aesthetics. Better known as Dr. Mark McKenna, this amazing man has launched a chain of medical practices that caters specifically to this industry. By the way, McKenna already has a decade worth of experience under his belt, and he has the business sense to expand his ideas for even more growth.

To start things-off, McKenna is a well-accomplished medical doctor who’s from the city of New Orleans. He studied and graduated from Tulane University Medical Branch. Thanks to following in his father’s footsteps, he has been able to carve-out a specific niche of his own. Medical aesthetics is his thing, and he actually participates in an active lifestyle. Yes, McKenna definitely practices what he preaches. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Mark McKenna started to work with his father, which happens to be right at his father’s medical practice. Shortly after that, he would venture-off into other fields by starting a real estate development company. This company was known as McKenna Venture Investments. This guy actually got into real estate while he was in college. During this time, McKenna would provide physicals for incarcerated inmates. He would charge $50 per hour, and he saved every bit of it for future use.

As of today, Dr. Mark McKenna owns one of the best medical-aesthetic practices in Atlanta. OVME, “pronounced of me,” provides a wide range of minimal-invasive procedures. Located in the trendy section of Atlanta’s Buckhead, this practice hosts luxury rooms, private-consulting rooms and much more. McKenna has also been able to implement advanced technologies into the program by introducing a technologically advanced app. This app allows people to order services, and the services can be completed from your very own home. Dr. Mark McKenna is a great man, and he personifies the term 21st century medical aesthetics.

April 17, 2018

Drew Madden: Healthcare Technology Improvements

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Drew Madden has been working in the healthcare technology field for decades. His career started out at the University of Iowa where he attended the College of Engineering. Madden earned his BES in Industrial Engineering. His passion was in medical systems, and he has been working in the medical recording industry for years. Some of the companies he has worked for are Nordic Consulting Partners and Ingenix.


Some areas of medical recording that are improving are followup with patients who are discharged from the hospital and home caregiving. There is plenty of documentation that shows a patient that does not complete or never goes into follow-up care after a hospitalizing incident will often return to that very same hospital. This is expensive, and in some cases, preventable. Having a system that monitors patients progress after being in a hospital is one area technology is shining.


Some hospitals will be compensated if they reduce their readmission rates. By cutting down on patients that need to be readmitted, hospitals will track and help the patient receive physical therapy, medication, or other nonemergency care.


Quality of life near the end is a sector the technology field can assist in. Getting information on this topic can be in a centralized location and easy to access. Families could get peace of mind knowing advance directives have been addressed before the crisis. Advance directives spell out a person’s wishes when it comes to lifesaving treatments, such as CPR, resuscitation, and feeding tubes. See Related Link for additional information.


In-home caregivers can use technology to monitor their hours. Some caregivers work many more hours when they become attached to the patient. The opposite fact is some caregivers arrive late and leave early. A monitor system will tackle all of these issues.


Drew Madden enjoys and is capable of managing and improving the medical field.


Drew Madden has used his talents and education to provide innovation for healthcare.

April 5, 2018

Who Are The Leaders Of InnovaCare Health: Introducing Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

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InnovaCare Health is a company that provides both physician practice services and Medicare Advantage Plans. InnovaCare Health is very successful, and this is in part to those who lead the company. This includes Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, who we will discuss in greater details throughout the remainder of this article.


Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare Health. Prior to becoming the CEO of InnovaCare, he was the CEO of a company called Aveta Inc, and before that he was NAMM California’s CEO. Besides having extensive experience in the healthcare services industry, Shinto received an award from Ernst & Young. The award was for entrepreneur of the year, which he received back in 2012. He has also written many articles on clinical medicine and healthcare.


As for education, Shinto studied at the University of Irvine. He earned his bachelor’s upon graduating and then he want on to attend State University of New York. That’s where he graduated with a medical degree. He holds an MBA from Redlands University too.


Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the CAO/COO of InnovaCare Health. She has many years of health care experience, mainly with governmental programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. She also has experienced in the managed care industry.


Prior to working at InnovaCare, she worked at Centerlight HealthCare. She was the company’s COO and the executive vice president. Other companies Kokkinides has worked for include AmeriChoice and Touchstone Health. Click Here to learn more.


Kokkinides is well-educated and she holds a BA in biological sciences, as well as classical languages. She earned the degree from Binghamton University. She also earned a master’s degree from the University of New York, and here MBA is in social work. Besides that, she has an MBA in public health, which she received from Columbia University.


Both Shinto and Kokkinides are driving forces behind InnovaCare. The two have played a major role in the success of the company. If you want to learn more about the pair, then you can visit InnovaCare’s official website at There is an “about us” page, which is where you’ll find more info about them.

March 24, 2018