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Higher Education to Be Hurt by GOP Tax Plan

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The Republican party has proposed a controversial tax plan that is expected to negatively impact higher education. Current and former college students already struggle with the high cost of secondary education, but the new tax legislation could make it even more expensive.

Critics have pointed out that the tax reforms will discourage people from seeking certain forms of higher education. Advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, will become more unattainable as costs for these fields become unaffordable for many. In addition to raising taxes on college graduates, the House wants to remove the student loan interest deduction, adding to student debt.

Louisiana State University President F. King Alexander is just one of many educational leaders who has spoken out against the tax plan, saying, “They’re willing to throw higher education and our students under the bus to get a win on tax reform.”

“It’s a very discriminatory, ill-thought-out proposal,” remarks Rise president Leebron. “The proposal literally makes no sense, as a coherent addition to the tax code.”

Political commentators have observed that the tax legislation is apart of a bigger cultural war against higher education institutions. According to Politico, Americans are increasingly apathetic to the problems of graduate students. Colleges and universities are seen as catering to elite and wealthy U.S. citizens while overlooking lower or middle-income people. While it may be difficult to get citizens to care about the tax plan’s impact on higher education, the plan has been criticized in a number of other ways.

December 9, 2017

Florida Ranks Number One In Nation For Higher Education

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The United States News and World Report has released their list of best states for higher education. Florida tops the list. There are several reasons that Florida topped the list. Florida’s universities and colleges have relatively low tuition rates, which is one of the reasons that the state came in first place on the list. Florida also topped the list because over 50 percent of the students who enroll in a two-year program complete it within three years.

Rick Scott, who is the governor of Florida, has been trying to make changes to the educational system. The Florida Senate also wants to make changes to the educational system. They want to increase financial aid for students. They also want to increase pay for faculty. Marshall Criser III is the chancellor of the University system in the state. He has stated that the changes inspire people to further improve the educational system in the state.

Florida is also home to some of the best colleges in the country. Florida State University and The University of Florida frequently top the list of U.S. News And World Report’s best public universities as well as numerous other publications.

Additionally, Florida’s average college debt is lower than the national average. In 2014, the national college debt average was $30,000. In Florida, the average college debt is $23,379. This is 24 percent lower than the national average in the United States. Fifty-three percent of students in Florida graduate with debt. Sixty-eight percent of college graduates in the U.S. have debt when they graduate.

March 25, 2017