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Learning The Japanese Arts

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He collects a variety of items that armor, samurai swords and other antiquities. Zomber has a deep passion to work with others who are interested in the Japanese arts. He has unique credentials that give way to film and collecting.

From swords on a wall to sets of armor that are displayed in a corner, there are many items that give an insight as to how Zomber feels about the culture. He has been on several History Channel television shows to discuss the Japanese ways of life and the arts that are given by the people who live there, such as “Dueling Pistols” and “Million Dollar Guns.”

Although he is known as one of the world’s experts on Japanese swords, he is also a fantastic storyteller. He has several screenplays under his belt as well as a few novels that are rich in history, such as “Soul of the Samurai.” During his travels in Japan and learning of the history, he has learned about the conflicts among the people who live there. Zomber supports various agencies, including UNICEF, that are trying to bring peace to the area.  Read more about Zomber in his website bio.

May 5, 2016