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Troy McQuagge and the HOPE Program

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USHEALTH allows people to choose health care that is appropriate to their specific needs. For several decades now, the organization has offered its customers across the country excellent health insurance. Individuals and families can choose from several affordable, secure and safe health care plans. USHEALTH’s wildly popular HOPE program is a way for the organization to give back and do its part to help other members of the community.

HOPE is an acronym, which actually means “Helping Other People Everyday.” It was initially launched in the year 2010. Troy McQuagge, USHEALTH’s president, is the HOPE program’s creator. This program seeks to positively impact people’s lives by collaborating with other organizations with the same goals in mind. After Hurricane Katrina, for example, HOPE working with Phoenix of New Orleans was a collaboration that was able to assist victims of the storm’s damage. Learn more about Troy McQuagge US Health at

While working with PNOLA, HOPE built housing for countless victims affected by the storm. Additionally, they volunteered during the restoration of the lower mid-city area of New Orleans so that the affected people could have safe homes. The organizations board members will not finish up their meetings until they have agreed on a way to help out the community. One of the company’s core values is that their business should focus on the people before it focuses on sales and commerce.

In the year 2012, USHEALTH’s advisors held a meeting, during which they agreed upon a $25,000 donation to support group called HOPE Kids Arizona. This support group is closely integrated into the community. They provided much needed assistance to both children and women who are currently dealing with cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Later, the HOPE Kids program launched a new branch in North Texas and gave the group a donation of $45,000. Read more on behance about Troy McQuagge USHealth

Troy McQuagge’s HOPE program has been a great way for the USHEALTH organization to contribute positively to the community in a big way. HOPE’s mission is to help people who happen to be in need in any way that they can. The company takes serving their fellow citizens and giving back very seriously. Read more about Troy McQuagge:

February 15, 2018