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Dr. Johanan Rand: Introducing an Effective Hormonal Therapy

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Dr. Johanan Rand is the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center, a clinic based in West Orange, New Jersey. He has been in the profession for years, and he contributed a lot in the field of medicine. His clinic specializes in services which promote the wellness and beauty of his patients, and he has also invested in a new procedure that would allow his patients to enjoy a process that would fight off aging. He is also a well-known supporter of regenerative medicine, and he has been pushing for the innovation and development of some processes that would allow humans to live longer.

Dr. Johanan Rand can be found inside his clinic at the Healthy Aging Medical Center, and he is encouraging the public to visit his clinic and enjoy the services they offer. He stated that one of the most recent therapies that his patients could enjoy would be the bioidentical hormone therapy, used to treat diseases that are related to a changing hormonal structure in the body. He claimed that this new procedure is now being used by a lot of developed nations, especially in Europe, and its effectivity is well-recorded by laboratories and clinics all across the world. He knew that by taking this therapy in New Jersey, many people would be benefiting from its effects. He encouraged women who are new to their menopausal stage to get the procedure so that their issues with their bodies can be addressed.

According to Dr. Johanan Rand, the procedure for the bioidentical hormone therapy is very simple. The patients who will be signing up for the procedure will be taken inside a laboratory, and DNA samples from them will be extracted. These samples will undergo tests and other studies to determine what kind of hormone is needed by the patient’s body. Once the study is complete, the resulting hormones created by the scientists will be supplied to the patient’s body. Dr. Johanan Rand stated that this procedure has been applied to some of his patients, and all of them are satisfied with the results and thanked the doctor for his excellent service.




May 16, 2018