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Is Socialism Bad for America? Lets Ask Halvorssen.

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A recent interview carried out by Fox News featured Thor Havlorssen, President of the Human Rights Foundation. The point in the interview was to discuss why Socialism was a poor choice, politically, for America.

Halvorssen expressed concern regarding the nature of Socialism being applied to a government such as the United States, with its far reaching history of corrupt politicians abusing various loopholes within written law to increase their political standing, wealth, and power. A system which gives so much control to the government is potentially at risk of being abused by these very same individuals, the difference now being that they can do it legally.

The interview does stray widely as it goes on, with Halvorssen avoiding the direct line of questioning by the hostess by answering it partially every time before jumping to another separate point. Fox News is often very clear on who it does and doesn’t support in any given election, and Havlorssen knows that anything said showing his support for Bernie would immediately end the interview, which is why he holds off on mentioning his donation to Sander’s campaign till the end of the interview.

Finally, in regards to the other candidates, he expresses concern over Clinton for accepting “donations” from violent dictatorships around the world, his degree revolves around possessing knowledge of these very people. He reiterates that while Socialism has the potential for abuse, he cannot support a candidate who accepts money from such notorious individuals. Trump is not openly discussed, but simply mentioned as the Republican Front Runner, followed by nervous laughter from both parties.

In the end the interview turns to personal bits about Thor Halvorssen, completely dropping the Socialism discussion, as he obviously will not being saying anything negative regarding the matter.

March 10, 2016