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Israeli Ambassador Visits ‘ Israel Free’ British City

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Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and Israeli ambassador envoy born in the United Kingdom. He later moved to Israeli where he served in various government institutions including the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Daniel Taub is an authoritative author who has written several pieces on Israel and the Middle East. His articles have been posted in The Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and Huffington Post. He is also the author of the book “Parasha Diplomatic” that has insight on each of the Torah weekly sections. Daniel Taub presents insights on each of the biblical weekly sections containing political perspectives and humor.

It is amazing to know that Ambassador Taub is the designer and chief dramatist of the popular Israeli drama series HeChatzer. The series is described as a cross between the Chosen and Downton Abbey. Ambassador Taub is an eloquent speechwriter and has written several speeches for President Chain Herzog. He is also a lecturer in negation theory and international law. Learn more:

Following the controversial declaration of the “Israel free zone” by Bradford West MP George Galloway, Ambassador Taub had to travel in the city a great deal. The Telegraph & Argus reported that the Ambassador visited the constituency as a result of an invitation from councilors, faith leaders, and other groups. He used that opportunity to conduct a series of meetings with those groups. Daniel Taub told the Telegraph & Argus that his impressions of Bradford city are multidimensional due to different attitudes propagated by Galloway. From his analysis after the short visit to the city, the problem of the people living in Bradford is inclusion which is contrary to the voice of exclusion propagated by Galloway. The Ambassador Taub said that it is an important model for folks from all backgrounds and faith to live and work and co-operate together.

Mr. Taub responds to Galloway’s message by reassuring the public that the real conflict in the region is not between the Sunni and Shia or between left and right, it is all about the past and the future. He warns Galloway not to attempt to keep the region in the past but to join the rest of the people in making the region a better place for future. Mr. Taub insisted that Bradford needs to have dialogue with the Israeli government and that’s why he is there. He told the Telegraph that the voice of George Galloway does not represent the people of Bradford. There has been a long history of working together between Israel and Bradford.


Daniel Taub – Israeli Diplomat and International Lawyer




January 12, 2018