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Jon Urbana, Living Life to the Fullest

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Based in Denver, Colorado Jon Urbana is a well-round fun loving guy. Drive, commitment, and a positive attitude is a winning combination he learned at Villanova and Jon has all those characteristics. He has turned his many interests into successful opportunities. He supports charity work for animals, is a certified FAA pilot, and maintains his creativity through photography and music.

Joh has created a crowdrise page for the feline population of Denver, Colorado. The crowdrise page supports the Animal Rescue and Adaption Society (ARAS). The society is a no-kill shelter. It is a safe long-term environment for cats without a home. The organization is an advocate against cruelty to animals and any funds that are raised on the crowdrise page go straight to ARAS of Denver. Their current goal is to raise $1,200 dollars.

As a pilot, Jon has earned himself a place with the prestigious Airmen Certification Database. The database is supported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This recognition supports Jon and his aim towards safety and building a better environment not only for himself but for the people around him as well. It also means that Jon has met the FAA standards which are among the highest standards in the world. Jon, again, is turning his interests into success.

Featured on the MTV website, Jon has lent his musical talents in effort to raise money for the Earth Force charity. He has set his goal at $1,750. Jon is a perfect example of, “It is never too late to…” He started out as a lacrosse player and later move into music. He is a self-taught musician. His photography talents come into play with his music in a video he create to support the Earth Force charity.

Jon Urbana is a multi-talented gentleman who promotes charities and makes this world a better place by simply being himself. He is an inspiration to those who think they are limited to one career in life. Jon (Twitter user @jonurbana1) is an example of a person who lives life to the fullest. He doesn’t let the lack of experience keep him from progress.

March 4, 2016

A Montage of Jon Urbana’s Collections

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Jon Urbana is a man of many talents and exploits. He is on one hand a legendary lacrosse player who broke records and was named the MVP several times. On the other hand, he is a serious businessman with interests in technology and marketing.

Jon Urbana loves nature and loves adventure. It is a combination that has seen him go on extensive hiking trips all over Colorado. It is also a prime motivator on his Tumblr blog that saw him enroll with the FAA to acquire a private flying license. His name was even featured in an article by FAA.

It is told a picture is worth a thousand words and Urbana’s love for nature lets his photos do all the talking. Wherever Urbana goes, he snaps beautiful pictures and posts them on his various social platforms. His Instagram followers, who number 1363, probably enjoy the loveliest posts. The close-up photos of nature at their best are a delight. Check them out at You can get others of his various travels at

Jon Urbana is unsurprisingly a music writer and singer. He does enjoy relaxing music and is himself an amateur musician. He prefers to let his mixes do the talking, and he has used them to promote his various charities. He crafts beautiful original titles from his acoustic guitar that have an indie feel and sound to them. You can be the judge at and enjoy the mellow music.

Jon Urbana has used his jonurbana1 Twitter handle and other social media to promote a cause he holds dear to his heart. He has launched several charities on Go Fund me and Crowdrise to raise money for the animal adoption society and environmental conversation. On the animal adoption, he collects homeless cats and takes the to a homeless shelter for animals. It is an effort you too can support by visiting Urbana has also launched a drive fighting global warming. It is a classic example of how charity begins at home.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

January 6, 2016