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Trump Calls on Congress to Support His K12 Education Policy

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In his first speech to a joint session of Congress, President Donald Trump has urged the members of the house to go big on his K12 education policy. He asked the members to pass a new education bill that will fund the school choice for American youths, especially the African–Americans and Latinos. According to Trump, these young people should be able to choose a public, private, chartered or home school of their choice without any form of limitation.

His comments at the Congress did not surprise many people. It is the same issue he talked about most of the time on his campaign trail. President Trump even went ahead to pick Betsy DeVos, a strong advocate of charter schools and expanding vouchers, to control the education department. Trump pointed to Danish Merriweather, one of the honored guests at the briefing, to emphasize the power of choice.

Merriweather was one of the few individuals who took advantage of the state’s tax credit scholarship program to improve her education. According to Trump, she failed her 3rd grade twice but managed to secure a place in Esprit de Corps Center for Learning and became the first person in her family to graduate from college.

Trump expressed his desire to help children in the United States break the cycle of poverty and become successful individuals in the society. He has suggested a $20 billion program that would allow the federal government to fund education programs.

According to analysts, the proposal may face resistance in the Congress. Republican senators rejected a similar proposal back in 2015. They argued that it could not do much to help fix rural schools.

Trump has also hinted at another program that will use the tax code to help people cover the cost of childcare. He said he is willing to work with everyone to make childcare accessible across the United States.

March 12, 2017