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Most Law Students Think That Law School Was Not Worth The Cost

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Going to law school was once considered a sure-fire way to be financially-successful for the rest of one’s life. However, most attorneys do not feel this way. A survey was taken by Gallup, and 4,000 people were surveyed. The results of the study showed that only 23 percent of law school graduates felt that going to law school was worth it. Only 20 percent of students felt that law school prepared them to practice.

The cost of attending law school can vary depending on the school and the location. The average cost of attending a private law school is $43,020 per year. The average cost of attending a public law school is $26,264. The top law schools cost over $60,000 per year.

The cost of attending law school is less than the cost of attending medical school. Even though it costs more to earn a medical degree, nearly 60 percent of people stated that medical school is worth the cost. One of the reasons that law school graduates do not feel that their education is worth is because they do not have good relationships with their professors.

Only 24 percent of people stated that their law school professors cared about them. Only 19 percent of people stated that they had a college mentor that encouraged people to pursue their dreams and goals. Other graduate students had better experiences. Most graduate students are happy with their experience and stated that the money was worth it.

Laura Hosid is a law school admissions counselor. She stated that people who are interested in pursuing a career in law need to evaluate their dreams and goals. They also need to look at the job market.

March 20, 2018