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George Soros: Liberal Legend

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Similar to a hero who returns to the political battlefield when the democrats of America feel they most need him, George Soros has become well known in regards to the millions of dollars that he has personally pumped into the campaigns of democratic party candidates striving to defeat intolerable conservative nominees. George Soros was extremely active (donated 27 million) in the election of 2004 while trying to defeat the Bush campaign and he had already donated 25 million dollars to the Clinton campaign in the 2016 democratic election by July 27th 2016. Sources have reported that the reason Soros has donated such a significant amount of money to 2016’s election specifically is not only due to his faith in Hillary Clinton but also he was largely motivated by the horror of the alternative, now president elect, Donald Trump.

Soros is a man who believes very strongly that reforms must be made in the fields of immigration, criminal justice, and religious tolerance. These issues only became more serious when they were challenged in the most severe way by president elect Trump. George Soros’ strong stance in the face of adversity by the conservatives was speculated to have significantly raised the amount of contributions given to the Clinton campaign. His vast sum of money that he contributed was said to have sparked a similar motivation in other American liberals. This created a major gap between the economic strength of the Clinton campaign over the Trump campaign.

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George Soros is a man who sees the value of his significant amount of money as more than a number by which he can boast and attain a lavish lifestyle. He is a man who sees his wealth as a means to contribute to the betterment of society. Following the 2004 election where Bush became president, George Soros decided that he could use his money more effectively by donating millions to international foundations that focus on shaping the democratic process in Europe, human rights, and international access to healthcare and education. He had said following the election of president Bush that he would never again contribute large sums of money to a political campaign and it wasn’t until Donald Trump had decided to run that Soros reentered himself into the political world. Unfortunately for Soros, the large sums of money donated by himself and those that George Soros inspired were not enough to have Hillary Clinton emerge from this 2016 election the victor. As Americans, we can only hope that great donors like him will continue to fight for what they believe in and motivate those around them to do the same despite their disapproval of the outcomes of elections such as the most recent election and in the election of president Bush in 2004. Without the bravery of Americans such as him, there will be no initial spark to motivate the masses to fight for what they believe in. With the extinguishing of that single spark goes the existence of the American spirit to fight for what is right and just.

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December 21, 2016