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Glen Wakeman, Mentor and CEO

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Glen Wakeman, CEO at LaunchPad Holdings LLC inspires entrepreneurs to venture into a business of their own. He writes insightful blog posts on emerging markets, strategy, management and administration, international fiscal matters and other business-related topics. Wakeman mentor’s executives and counsels Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. His articles are educational and inspiring, he focuses on innovation, executive development and growth, making sure that his readers gain the knowledge and expertise needed to survive in the market.

Wakeman is founder of LaunchPad Holdings, which targets new entrepreneurs as they are initially organizing their ideas and working them into a plan. LaunchPad Holdings can typically launch an idea into a worthwhile viable plan in about thirty minutes for only a $100 service cost. Wakeman was inspired to start his business by talented people starting businesses with no viable plan of executing their ideas. As he noticed these business failures, he decided to apply his knowledge into a formulation of business approaches and practical strategies to help these business representatives. He was motivated to succeed by his own personal curiosity, his curiosity enabled him to be persistent through problem solving and innovation. As a writer, (Glenwakeman) derives most of his customers from his posts. He writes posts that provides guidance assisting entrepreneurs in the formation of their new businesses, with tips and connections to investors, capital providers and advisors.

He focuses on entrepreneurial association as a marketing strategy to grow his business, they offer a gold mine of thoughts, capital and contacts as well as being easy to find and penetrate. By demanding excellence, Wakeman can expect to succeed, with this principle he facilitates high performance. He sees the future of his business to be bright, because he advocates, discipline, preparation and teamwork. Glen Wakeman uses many software applications to assist him and to save him time and money. With his inspiring and educational articles, Wakeman stays focused on innovation, executive development and growth to make sure his readers walk away with the knowledge and expertise they need to survive in the market. He is a technocrat that understands the problems that are associated with businesses worldwide. Wakeman has changed the fortune of many business owners and has bred many successful entrepreneurs.



April 3, 2018