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Clayton Hutson’s climb in the music business.

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Clayton Hutson’s climb in the music business.

Clayton Hutson is a business owner in the music industry. He is a professional sound engineer among other things. He offers his services both to musicians and organizers of different events. Clay works with the artists taking their thoughts and feelings into account. From this point of view, he can produce maximum output that can impress his audience. He aims to give out something rare and exciting at every performance and has been known to work tirelessly to achieve this goal. Before launching his career in the music industry, Clayton Hutson attended different Colleges. At this time, he pursued certification in theater design.

Clayton Hutson worked for different companies in the live music industry and slowly climbed the ladder to become the project manager. Clay spent a while at the firm, honing his skills and gathering up a library of experience.

He then founded his firm that deals in organizing and handling of concerts. He majorly works with artists of the genre rock. He has worked on many projects with many accomplished names in the game. Clay has worked with Pink and Kid Rock just to mention a few. In 2005 he did a world tour with a rock band known as Garbage, completing an epic tour across several continents. He even was among the technical engineers in One Republic’s Honda Civic Tour.

Clayton Hutson took his first big leap in entrepreneurship during the great recession. The economic storm hit his employer at the time badly, so he decided to venture out on his own. The vast skill set he had acquired would help him navigate the murky and risky waters of the industry. Clay’s keen attention to detail has been a critical stepping stone in his pursuit of success in the business. He often separates realistic ideas from fool’s errands making most of his concerts manageable. Clayton Hutson has a reputation that speaks for itself. He has a long list of eager clients just because of recommendations that some of his former clients have given out. Clay is an industrious hustler. He gives his all into a project that he believes in, and that includes long hours.

Since the technological sector is prone to mishaps, Clay prides himself in checking for mistakes that could compromise any gig he plays. He is a self-proclaimed perfectionist. His organizational skills and ability to plan are perhaps the core pillars of his high success rate. Learn more:


March 13, 2018