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Norka Luque Brings the Love Vibe to Inspire Societal and Musical Evolutions with a Postive Messages

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In order to bring a happy revolution with society and music Norka Luque brings an innovative mix of positive messages with emotionally charged music to bring her love based on life experiences. You’ve got to listen to her music to see how she does it. Then you too will catch her vibe based on positivity from her life lessons she learned over the years.

Ever since Norka was young she always felt the urge to do music. And, ever since Emilio Estefan Jr. invested in Norka’s music project. Her debut to her fantasy lifestyle is a dream come true. And, from there…well, ever since Emilio Estefan Jr. heard her music project. Norka’s been ushered as a top rated performer on the music charts with such acclaim as: prestigious Latin Music Billboards, and a major hit in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela promoting the song MILAGRO promoting the song with El Cata.

Now, with all these successful projects underway Norka now realizes her dream job is her destiny. And, why not? She got the power to transform music and society with a message she conveys based on what she learned in her life to help others find what’s missing in their life like she has. So, it should come as no surprise of her smashing success she’s channeling with her music.

Now, for the first time in her life, Norka’s discovered why she here on this planet. And, she wants to help fans live the life of love she talks about in her music. Because, like Norka’s fans have discovered, when you want more out life, a sense of fulfillment all carried with passion and a sense of the good life.

Now, people all across the globe are embracing the feel good love vibe Norka Luque sends out with her music. She wants fans to catch the feel good feeling and live their destiny like she does with her music. Truly one of life’s best kept secrets now revealed globally with energy, passion and love.

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August 15, 2016