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Turn Negative Reviews into Positive Outcomes

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Any business that stands a chance of holding on to their coveted place in the search results should understand that all of the hard work and persistence in making sure they stay there might someday come crashing down as if their site just got tagged by another Google algorithm update. This time around, however, the reason won’t be caused by questionable site content by Google’s standards. Instead, a few bad reviews can put a damper on your success – and quickly. Your online reputation is crucial to your continued success, and it’s wise to take a proactive approach to learning what your customers are saying about your business.

It’s not enough anymore to fill your site with engaging and worthwhile content. Your job of improving your place in the search results is getting more involved, but also offers you a chance to show your customers how much you care, and that you respect their opinions. The occasional negative review posted on one of the many review sites on the Internet shouldn’t stop you from producing better products and offering excellent customer service. As a business owner, you already know that great customer service is a staple in your business and your customers love yours for it. So, just how should you handle reviews? The first step that comes to mind is, quickly and thoroughly.

Good reviews outnumber bad reviews, and your customers are fully aware of that. Customers use the review sites to check out your business and your products before they buy, so thank them for their interest by posting a response to their consideration, good or bad. Good reviews are gold, and bad reviews are diamonds in the rough. Your commitment to customer service is in full view here. Resolving a bad review is your chance to shine as a company that cares more about its customers than sales goals. Be thorough, honest, sincere, and most of all be quick to respond to any review. Never let a bad review fester on a review site without it being addressed as soon as possible. The longer the bad comments about your company remain without any attention, you run the risk of customers leaving for your competitor.


December 27, 2016