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Students And Staff Surprise Physical Education Teacher

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Students and staff members at Schrop Intermediate School decided to honor a teacher named Betty Kern. She received the Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award. She had no idea that she was getting the award. Betty was told that she had to attend a meeting. When Betty walked in the gym, students and staff members yelled “Surprise”!

Unlike most other parties, there was no punch or cake. She was presented with gifts and letters from her students. Twenty-seven people read their letters out loud. Many students talked about how Betty taught them how to eat the right foods so that they could keep their bodies healthy.

Betty has been teaching at Springfield schools for the past 25 years. Lisa Vardon is the principal of Schrop. She stated that Betty is an exceptional teacher. In 2017, Betty received the Teacher of the Year award. She was selected for the award because she is able to meet the needs of her students while creating an exceptional experience for them.

Lisa stated that Betty is an excellent example of health and fitness. Betty has created a variety of activities for students. There are yoga clubs, jump rope clubs, walking clubs and running clubs. Not only are there many fitness clubs, but students can also participate in a 1.5 mile race at the end of the year.

March 8, 2018