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The Life and Achievements of Betsy DeVos

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Betsy Devos or better known by her full name Elisabeth Dee Devos is a well-known Politician, Philanthropist Business Woman and Activist, that is famous for her numerous achievements as the current United States Secretary of Education. She is currently an active member of the Republican party. Betsy Devos also supports numerous school program vouchers, charter schools, and school choices, which makes her the woman that she is right now. Check this related article from New York Post.

In her early years, Betsy Devos grew up in Michigan, and took up her education at the Holland Christian High School, which is a school situated at the same town where she grew up. After high school, she took up her college education at the Grand Rapids Calvin College, where she earned her degree in arts. In her college years, she had already shown a passion for politics, she joined her school’s political movements and has been able to keep that a part of her up to this day.

Betsy Devos has also been a participant of the Church movement in North America and has also been an active member of the Hill Mars Bible Church also situated in the same area. Her family has been known to be one of Michigan’s richest, she married her husband named Richard Marvin or otherwise known as Dick DeVos, who is a well-known heir to the billion dollar fortune. Dick DeVos has also been a generous and conservative donor to many social causes and political campaigns. He was also named the Michigan Nominee for Republican Governor in 2006.

At present, Betsy Devos has upstretched a total of $150,000 personally for the Bush Campaign Re-election in 2004, as well as host a campaign in her house for Republicans in October of 2008 that was advertised by the President at the time during the Bush organization. For that presidency, she was named the chairperson for finance at the Republican Committee for a period of Two years, and has worked hand in hand with the Government on different projects.

Since it has been mentioned that Betsy Devos has also been a Philanthropist and Activist, through the years, she has contributed and opened many foundations that have been very helpful to the public like the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation, which was formed to help the Community, Arts, Justice, Education, and Leadership. Through this foundation alone, they were able to raise more than $11.6 Million in charitable contributions and has also made a lifetime charitable giving to $139 Million.

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Through this foundation, they have also been able to help a lot of Christian Schools, Hospitals, and Evangelical Missions by donating generous amounts of money. Betsy Devos has also been able to contribute large sums of money to other foundations which she has been known for throughout her career.

June 25, 2017

Status Labs drafts The Reputation Doctor to their team

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Darius Fisher, the found and CEO of the Status Labs online reputation manager has recently brought on Mike Paul as a member of his team. More specifically, Mike Paul will take a seat on the board of advisors. Mike Paul has earned himself the nickname of The Reputation Doctor for his extensive knowledge and experience in the realm of reputation management. He has worked with a host of reputable clients through his company The Reputation Doctor LLC. Darius Fisher added him to the team in order to bring more insight and greater counseling to Status Labs. Mike Paul stated in an article that he was excited to join the Status Lab’s advising board as the company is providing a much needed service, but is also doing it in an ethical way, a characteristic that is difficult to find amongst similar business.

Status Labs is an firm that focuses on public relations. In a world that is increasingly digital in addition to the volatility of the online platform, Status Labs is a great resource for companies as well as private individuals who want to retain an honest and positive reputation. More specifically, Status Labs will ‘clean-up’ Google search results to maintain a positive reputation for their clients when someone searches their name. Status Labs works with over 1,500 clients in 35 different countries. Their clients span from athletes all the way to CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies. This company has established a service that is in high demand in such a high-tech world.

Status Labs prides themselves on retaining an ethical approach to their work. Darius Fisher, the founder and CEO of Status Labs has made it clear that the company will do nothing to cover up horrendous actions by potential clients. The service is simply intended to highlight the success and positive aspects of their clients while not letting other incidents cloud their reputation. Their service has become well sought after due to their increasing clientele base and undisputed success. Darius Fisher expects that the addition of Mike Paul will help Status Labs to continue to grow and make an influence on a global scale.

February 17, 2016