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Nick Vertucci Believes There’s No Point too Low That You Can’t Come Back From

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Nick Vertucci is a man who hopes to inspire people both with his own personal story and through what he’s discovered through real estate buying and flipping. He travels around doing short seminars and encourages people to learn how to become property owners who can multiply their earnings sooner than they think at his NV Real Estate Academy. Vertucci says it took him about 10 years to fully understand how real estate markets work and to know which pitfalls to avoid and which little-known tools to use that can be of great benefit. He’s assembled other experts at his academy who know the field of real estate quite well, and the academy has not only classroom instruction but has its attendees out in the field seeing how developments are working, and even once their coursework is over they can contact the academy for continuing support.

Before he realized what real estate could do or even considered going into the field, Nick Vertucci struggled in life. When he was only 10 his father died, and the rest of his family had little means to support themselves. He was homeless at age 18 and looking for any kind of job he could get. After working a few odd jobs, he came across an opportunity to make money selling computer parts, and as luck would have it there was a pretty high demand for them at the time. Nick Vertucci soon built his own business and was making enough money that he was able to buy a house, and he married a girl he had met and started raising a family. But all of this was short-lived because in the year 2000 the stock market took a turn for the worse as the tech industry bubble collapsed, and his business went under with it.

Nick Vertucci found himself way over his head in debt because of what happened to his business, and for over a year didn’t know how to beat it. But from a little bit of luck, he heard about a seminar on real estate that after much contemplation he decided to attend. He later said it was the best decision he ever made in his life because he learned things about the field he never had even thought of. Vertucci had to do a lot of research on his own to figure out how to make real estate really work for him, but he was soon buying properties and renting and selling them and seeing his finances change from being deep in debt to achieving the freedom he had never before had. He decided to use some of his money to start the NV Real Estate Academy, and it’s made a huge difference in many people’s lives.

April 20, 2018