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Bill and Melinda Gates to Focus On Building School Networks

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Bill and Melinda Gates, who contribute a lot of money to charitable causes concerning education, are now going to focus on a new direction for their charitable efforts, according to US News and World Report. Over the next five years, they will focus on building new networks of schools instead of their usual education agenda.

According to Bill Gates, education is one of the most challenging things his foundation donates money to, but he is excited to help move in a new direction for the betterment of children all over the country.

The head of Microsoft is one of the largest backers of education in the country. He is happy with some of the progress the country has seen, but he wants things to move faster, which is why he is trying out new ways to support education.

Over twenty years, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which Bill Gates founded together with his wife Melissa, has spent billions of dollars on education. They have worked hard on education reform. For example, one idea that they had was to focus on building smaller schools, with the idea that if the classes are smaller and there are fewer students in each school, educators will have an easier time focusing on the needs of each individual child and providing them with personalized education.

Another thing that the foundation focused on was Common Core, which was a sweeping education reform system designed to update old standards of education around the country so that students achieve a higher level of knowledge in various subjects.

December 17, 2017