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Why Is Seattle Genetics The leader in Antibody Based Therapy

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Cancer has been around throughout history unfortunately. There have been numerous medications, procedures, and methods used for fighting this deadly disease. Some techniques helped while many others have failed. Fortunately, today’s contemporary society has many advanced technologies that are giving cancerous cells a firm knock-out blow. These are known as (ADCs) Antibody Drug Conjugates which are a part of Antibody Based Therapies. These powerful ADC’s are a blessing as well as a breakthrough thanks to their cancer killing ability. Cancer cells within the body get a direct injection of cell killing agents from the advanced medicine. Not only does the ADCs directly hit cancerous cells, they’ll tend to spare non-targeted cells also. This is a major plus for cancer patients as they’ll experience less or reduced amounts of side effects. The side effects of traditional chemotherapy often tends to feel worse than the cancer itself.

Seattle Genetics is the leader in Antibody Based Therapies. The Bothell, Washington company is huge and has more than 800 employees. President and (CEO) Dr. Clay Siegall is in charge of prestigious institution and he has done a tremendous job with the advancements in (ADC) Technology. Dr. Siegall has a firm understanding of the industry and has worked with many high profile institutions such as The National Institute of Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and The National Cancer Institute. This experience came long before the birth of Seattle Genetics and has built a solid foundation for cancer research to work with.

Heading a company with such importance and prominence is tough, but Clay Siegall has persevered through it all while changing the landscape of the industry. The winner of numerous medical related awards, the good doctor has more than 70 publications. On top of that, he is holding 15 patents of his own at present time. Dr. Clay Siegall is the real deal so to speak and his huge resume is a testimony of his success. The fight against cancer is looking more promising and Dr. Clay Siegall is at the pinnacle of it all.

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November 11, 2016