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Investment Banking With Laidlaw & Company

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Laidlaw & Company is an SEC registered full service investment banking and securities brokerage boutique firm that proffers personalised investment advice, comprehensive investment banking services to emerging growth companies, and skilful execution to not only private institutions but also public ones as well. Laidlaw also provide wealth management services to domestic and international companies, corporate entrepreneurs, institutions and private clients as well. The services we offer all include pooling money together obtaining it from not only business entities but also individual persons with the zeal to invest, obtaining financing, making deals with the stock exchange markets and many more amazing services. Advisory services are on mainly, acquisitions, divestitures, fairness opinions among many areas of interest.

Laidlaw & Company specialises on Alternative Investments, Healthcare Research, Capital Raising and Wealth Management. All in dedication to providing independent, genuine and transparent investment advice, an extensive array of traditional and modern alternative investment solutions and top- notch customer service to high net worth persons, institutions and other business entities of profound interest.

The company has a wide network on Wall Street, with offices in the United States of America and across Europe. This has enabled the firm gain a healthy relationship out there. It has also enabled the firm as well pursue novel business and offer their services on a global platform. Their work formula and entrepreneurial culture, their social norm characterised by a phenomenon work ethic and a unique approach, obtaining property and disseminating financial solutions is all what they do best. It has got a team of top- notch, certified and qualified senior personnel combining great experience with the ambitions and goals of offering amazing transaction management and comprehensive solutions.

Laidlaw & company’s strong retail sales force is always geared towards supporting start- up companies quickly and easily raise capital. This allows customers the financial flexibility to grow quickly.




April 13, 2016