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The Secret to Taking Special Education Students to the Next Level

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Education is critical in life. Anyone who achieves can attest that education, along with experience and other soft skills, is the fuel that often propels individuals to the top of their game. However, dropping out of school early can destroy one’s career potential. Dropping out often sets a person up for what else will follow in life.

Take for instance Ryan Parry of Covina, California, who believes he has solved the dropout rate for special education students. Nineteen years ago, his career began as a special education teacher at Covina High School. While the school stocked geometry and algebra books, the books Parry used to teach his class looked like something one would find in an elementary setting.

The key for increasing the graduation rate of special education students is to give them more challenging assignments, and reducing stigmas surrounding special education. For anyone interested in becoming a special education teacher, Forbes lists the profession among the most gratifying and one of the happiest jobs. It is important for special education instructors to interact with those who teach general education. It is amazing what can happen when special education students have access to some of the same material as those of regular students.

Like anything, or anyone in life, special education students improve performances when they feel connected to things. Good things happen when caring people push for change. Such is the case when district administrators listened and made sure their students with disabilities connected with the main stream curriculum.

December 7, 2017