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How Rodrigo Terpin’s Bull Team Scooped Won the Special Segment of Sertoes

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Finishing ‘The Special’ phase of the Sertoes Rally is always a pleasure and reprieve for every rally driver. For Rodrigo Terpin it came not just like a little achievement, but a landmark achievement, bearing in mind the Bull team; made up of Fabricio Bianchi and himself completed a run of dull performances in the previous legs of the competition. On this day, the Sertoes Rally started on a high note with the first stage of the race kicking off in Goiania. The gist of the sport relied on proving three essential skills in the name of caution and equipment efficiency which was all the 155 km stretch sought to test in “Specialty.”

The Difficulties in the Race

The test of time and patience was the game changer in this quest, the vast terrain proved complex and required a lot of overwork on the part of Rodrigo and his colleague. Aboard their T-Rex car, their confidence got a boost as the car was in its best condition ever and that both of them had well adapted to it. Despite ‘the Special’ dusty, dangerous curves and muddy stretches, their destination, Caldas Novas remained reachable. On the second day, things proved a little bit murkier as 45 cars were dropped from the entire competition due to incompetence. For the record, four of them and bundled due to their failure to compete for the whole of the section on the first day. The rest came out as they showed inadequate depth in skill and the reliability of their cars. Visit Terra to know more.

The Final Win

It was also on that particular Sunday that the team also battled with a 15-minute infringement along with the stretch. “The mechanical breakdown of our T-Rex stalled us but not our hopes,” asserted Rodrigo Terpin. Even though it led to their low classification in the overall leaderboard of the competition, they still managed to scoop the overall award for ‘The Special’ category. To the amazement of many other drivers, instead of the infringement dealing a blow to their quest to for a second successive win in the competition. At the end of the two-day event, the team could attest that their dedication and sheer persistence actually paid off. For more details visit Crunchbase.

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October 17, 2017