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Dealing With Depression In College

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It’s no secret that there are college students living on campuses across the country who are depressed. Colleges are now taking a proactive approach in providing counseling and other services for those students so that they can be a success in school. Some students like Hailey Kim, a student at Rutgers University, have visited the mental health office on the campus of the school a few times. There are issues that students deal with that no one might understand or even know about, such as Hailey’s mother being sick at home or a parent who has lost a job and being unable to help with food or books.


Some students have panic attacks because they are concerned about family members, unable to do anything if they are hundreds of miles away from home. When students reach the point where they have chest pains and need to go to the hospital because they have so much stress in their lives or because they are depressed, it’s time to do something to help.


Schools are now researching the reasons as to why students are depressed, offering services that help in any way possible whether it’s through counseling or even financial assistance. Research has been conducted by the U.C.L.A. Higher Education REsaerch Institute that reveals almost 12 percent of college students across the country suffer from some form of depression or anxiety. Some students have parents who are helicopter parents and hover over their children, wanting them to go to a certain college when the student might not even want to go to school in the first place. Some colleges would have seen students with a mental illness and tried to weed those students out, but now, colleges are beginning to help them grow and become successful in life.


July 1, 2017