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Tammy Mazzocco Just Keeps Working

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Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate in central Ohio, who sells residential properties. Her career is well established, and she works in four counties, Franklin, Delaware, Fairfield, and Licking. She is associated with Re/Max and the Judy Gang Real Estate group and has been from the start of her selling career, as Judy is both a friend and a mentor.

Mazzocco got her start in real estate as a secretary to a nine-man commercial real estate group and moved on from there to the managership of a condominium project for seven years. It was at that post in 1995 that her boss convinced her to get her real estate license to help him with some of his real estate dealings.

Mazzocco worked for other agents in a supportive role until in 1999 she decided that the income opportunity was very good in sales, and she decided to be a full-time realtor in that year. She has never looked back or had any regrets, and her success story is one that is enviable, for sure.

She has learned a lot by her admission from many of her co-workers and managers. Mazzocco is quick to adapt to a good idea when she sees that it will work for her. Early in her career, she was a bit shy, particularly when it came to asking potential clients about their finances. From a practical standpoint, knowing whether people have the money for down payments and other expenses is important to a real estate broker. It saves time, and if a person is not ready now, they may be in the future.

Someone on Twitter suggested to Mazzocco that she simply start the conversation and blurt it out. So she did, and from that time forward it was never a problem again. When asked what is the habit that seems to propel her forward, and her answer is that she has to set goals. Her strategy is to set meaningful goals for monthly, weekly, and daily purposes. She likes to break the goals down into smaller action steps because goals are more easily attained that way.

She also is firm about treating her potential clients in the same manner in which she would like to be treated. She values their time and investment as though it is her own, and focuses on them and not on herself. That seems to work really because the clients know if you are sincere or not.

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March 30, 2017