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West Virginian Teachers to Receive Pay Raise

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After nine days of protest, West Virginian teachers and educational workers will receive a five-percent raise. State employees will also see an increase in pay.

MetroNews reported the state legislature struck a deal with educators on the morning of March 6. The House of Delegates and Senate passed the bill unanimously.

West Virginian teachers first garnered national attention after walking out of schools to protest stagnant wages. Teachers became frustrated with the lack of raises as well as increasing healthcare costs. Additionally, they called out the state, saying there needed to be a greater focus on education.

At first, Gov. Jim Justice proposed one- and two-percent increases in teachers’ pay. Not satisfied with that, educators continued their protests. Justice made other mistakes, too, including when he called teachers “dumb bunnies.” Teachers responded quickly and loudly, both at town halls and online.

But, with those comments behind them, educators and the state government both expressed their excitement after the deal was struck. Upon hearing the news the bill had passed in the legislature, teachers broke out into song, singing “Country Roads.”

Justice and state legislators were all smiles at a press conference held after the bill’s passage. “What a good day,” said Justice, who seemed relieved to have finally reached an agreement.

The teachers’ efforts really paid off and illustrated that palpable change can come about through political action. Educators and legislators worked together, prioritizing education and thus investing in the state’s future.

March 28, 2018

West Virginia Educators Continue Strike

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In a bold move, West Virginia public school teachers and employers have walked out of their schools. They did not show up for work on Thursday of Friday, and they plan on staying out on Monday.

The strike is led by three main organizations: The American Federation of Teachers – West Virginia, the West Virginia Education Association, and the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association. In the 680 public schools located across the state, there are 19,488 classroom teachers. On Friday, thousands of teachers went to the Capitol in Charleston to take part in a protest, which focused on the low salary that they receive.

According to the National Education Association, West Virginia is the third lowest state in the country in terms of average teacher salary, which was listed at $45,622 in 2016.

Teachers are asking for pay raises and better benefits. They feel that these are necessary so that they can support their families and feel secure in their financial positions. As it is now, many teachers take on second jobs to make ends meet; many others have fled the state for better-paying jobs in neighboring states.

Teachers are currently scheduled to receive a 2% raise in July, an additional 1% in 2020, and another 1% in 2021. Many feel that this is only a small step forward, and that more needs to be done to retain and attract educators to West Virginia’s public school system.

Public schools have been closed during the walk-out and will remain closed on Monday.

March 18, 2018

All One Needs to Know about USA Education News

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The education system on how a country impacts knowledge on the student’s matters a lot. The reason for best learning skills is because they lay a better foundation growth in the growth of the students. There are many education systems worldwide, but the most preferred are the USA Education system. The education forum has knowledge that any parent would wish for their children. The education system has over the years have managed to spread to most parts of the world, and most kids have benefited from it. Technology has played a huge role in covering the USA Education.

USA Education is available to public and private schools. It is open to the government approved homeschooling program. Just like in most parts of the world education in the USA is compulsory to the age of 18. After the age of 18, it is a person’s decision whether to upgrade to higher levels or not.

At the age of 6, a child should begin school. The child enrollment starts at the elementary school as a kindergarten. The kid undergoes learning at the elementary school for six years before joining secondary school. The secondary education has three divisions which start from Middle school, Junior high school and later High school which ends at the 12th grade. After High school, the students can join different graduate schools.

Unlike other school calendars that begin in January, USA Education calendar starts in early August or September and proceeds to the next year May or June. Examinations are under high supervision. Like other schools certificates are offered to the students so they can help them during enrollment in colleges or universities. The certifications are also presented to employers when seeking for job opportunities.

USA Education system is the best choice to make for young children who are joining school or are yet to join. However, for any parent intending to have their children educated through the program, they have to have a better understanding of the program before enrolling their children.

December 12, 2017

NY Congressman Chuck Schumer Gives Failing Grade To Trump’s Education Nominee

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President Trump’s pick for education secretary will be flunked, if Chuck Schumer has his way. The senate’s top Democrat will be voting against Betsy DeVos.

The popular, longtime NY congressman is not one to mince words. In fact, Schumer was quite blunt when speaking about Betsy DeVos:

“Betsy DeVos would single-handedly decimate our public education system if she were confirmed,” Schumer stated in a recent press release.

US News and World Report says that the nominee for education secretary comes from a prominent and powerful Michigan Republican family, and critics are quick to point out that DeVos offers zero experience. Her children have received private education, not public, and she has never attended or worked in the public school arena.

Ms. DeVos didn’t fare well during her tough confirmation hearing recently, as Democrats challenged her ability in becoming the country’s education leader.

Critics claim that the numbers are there, showing that DeVos and her family have donated more than $200 million to United States Republicans. Ample donations have been made to many of the senators who will vote on her confirmation.

Congressman Schumer also cites DeVos’ investments in companies where she maintains a large stake and a refusal to divest from these holdings. He says she’s in it for herself and not the students.

Schumer is trying to spark controversy with the DeVos nomination, hoping that Republicans will feel the pressure and vote to block her appointment. Thus far, the GOP seems poised in supporting President Trump’s pick.

February 18, 2017

Will DeVos Make the USA Education Great Again?

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Trump finally made up his mind whom he wanted to be director of education, and the lot fell of Betsy DeVos. The final approval now lies with the Senate but the public is already expressing its disapproval of DeVos. Will she be able to convince the masses otherwise?

Ms. DeVos comes from a long history of establishing Charter Schools in the worse districts of Michigan. This was after identifying the educational gap within Detroit’s poor and struggling families, but she was not the only business minded person to spot the opportunity. Soon a plethora of Charter Schools sprouted on block after block leading to what was accurately defined as, ‘a great choice of schools, but no good choice to enroll in’.

Establishing the schools was the easy part, promoting quality education was the hard one. In record, Charter Schools are the worst performing academically in Detroit, and greater Michigan. We have a situation where an A-student from a charter school cannot identify a single cell found within the human body. The decline in charter school enrollment became so bad that the school owners resulted to issuing incentives to those who enrolled. Promises of free laptops or raffle tickets to win iPads became the norm.

This is a glimpse of the performance record that describes DeVos’ experience with the educational system. Word has it that she even had to pay off some Senators and arm-twist a few legal professionals just to get her name into the Trump’s list of considerations. Now that she is half way there, will she really deliver? In truth, she doesn’t need to move mountains to convince the masses, she only needs to address four key concerns of the education system in America.

First off, she has to ensure that the America public school system promotes the student’s well-being emotionally, physically, academically and socially. Secondly, she has to ensure the education system promotes powerful learning among the students, encouraging questioning and collaboration. Thirdly, she has to build the teacher capacity in public schools by enrolling more teachers and establishing teacher evaluation systems. Lastly, she has to ensure collaboration is promoted within the American education system, encouraging participation from community partners, educators and inter-school partnerships.

February 17, 2017