Students Protest Gun Violence 19 Years After Columbine

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On Friday, April 20th, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, students from over 2,500 schools walked out of class to protest gun violence. The two perpetrators of the Columbine High School massacre claimed the lives of 13 victims and inflicted injuries on an additional 24 using both guns and explosive devices.

In the wake of the February 14th school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students organized the massive March For Our Lives ( Activists raised $3.5 million dollars, launched the #NeverAgain hashtag, and drew an estimated 200,000 protestors to Washington, D.C. alone. This protest garnered media attention across the country and sparked a debate on both gun control and mental health policies.

Organizers promised that there was more to come, and this memorial march is proof of their tenacity. The focus is now on long-term results with an eye for transforming youth culture into a politically charged landscape ( Students protesting in D.C. began their march at the White House and walked to the Capitol building. There were also opportunities to register to vote and reach out to victims of gun violence through cards and letters, and education about gun control was a major theme of the day’s events.

With the protests well underway, a school shooting occurred in Ocala, Florida, at Forest High School (, with one student injured. Nearly two decades after Columbine, there are still many questions about how to protect America’s children from gun violence.

May 16, 2018

Dr. Johanan Rand: Introducing an Effective Hormonal Therapy

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Dr. Johanan Rand is the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center, a clinic based in West Orange, New Jersey. He has been in the profession for years, and he contributed a lot in the field of medicine. His clinic specializes in services which promote the wellness and beauty of his patients, and he has also invested in a new procedure that would allow his patients to enjoy a process that would fight off aging. He is also a well-known supporter of regenerative medicine, and he has been pushing for the innovation and development of some processes that would allow humans to live longer.

Dr. Johanan Rand can be found inside his clinic at the Healthy Aging Medical Center, and he is encouraging the public to visit his clinic and enjoy the services they offer. He stated that one of the most recent therapies that his patients could enjoy would be the bioidentical hormone therapy, used to treat diseases that are related to a changing hormonal structure in the body. He claimed that this new procedure is now being used by a lot of developed nations, especially in Europe, and its effectivity is well-recorded by laboratories and clinics all across the world. He knew that by taking this therapy in New Jersey, many people would be benefiting from its effects. He encouraged women who are new to their menopausal stage to get the procedure so that their issues with their bodies can be addressed.

According to Dr. Johanan Rand, the procedure for the bioidentical hormone therapy is very simple. The patients who will be signing up for the procedure will be taken inside a laboratory, and DNA samples from them will be extracted. These samples will undergo tests and other studies to determine what kind of hormone is needed by the patient’s body. Once the study is complete, the resulting hormones created by the scientists will be supplied to the patient’s body. Dr. Johanan Rand stated that this procedure has been applied to some of his patients, and all of them are satisfied with the results and thanked the doctor for his excellent service.




May 16, 2018

Career-Focused High Schools Better Than Non-Focused Counterparts

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Shaun Dougherty, an academic researcher specializing in the field of education, recently published the results of a study in which he looked into 36 technical and vocational high schools from around the state of Massachusetts, finding that students – in comparison to those graduating from traditional high schools in which students aren’t focused on any one career – from these schools graduated about 21 percent more often than other high schools.

Further, low-income students at these schools performed better on year-end, state-wide tests that than counterparts attending regular high schools.

For as long as education has been education as we know it in the United States of America, areas with higher incomes, as well as student bodies whose families have had higher incomes, have had students that outperformed others academically, particularly those in low-income areas or with parents that didn’t have high incomes.

Schools that are focused on careers – no matter what that may be – have students that care more about high performance. When you think about it, it makes sense, since students are working towards something they want to work as in real life, after graduation. Their counterparts might not be focused on anything else than college, and not all kids are happy about going to college as they are if they picked up vocational trade skills.

Certain industries will always need hands-on workers, and these jobs pay as well as many white-collar jobs, if not loads better, in part due to such specialized higher schools like those mentioned above.

May 15, 2018

Racial Segregation Doesn’t Change From 2000 To 2015

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Starting way back in the 15th century, Christopher Columbus was able to find a Spanish financier to fund his trip to what he thought was India, or at least Africa – really, it was the Caribbean Islands and, by later European and Spanish explorers, the Americas.

Christopher Columbus never engaged in the transatlantic slave trade himself, though he did bring back countless natives of the Caribbean islands. The path from Europe to America was soon traveled back and forth with frequency. Then another leg of the transatlantic trip was added – Africa.

Ever since slaves were brought to the United States, blacks have been oppressed. Even though segregation no longer formally exists, it very much does in terms of splitting low-income families into areas that are specifically for low-income dwellings.

A recent study talked about at the mid-April American Educational Research Association conference indicated that effective segregation has stayed the same – with no change, up or down, despite living in the progressive world that we do – from 2000 to 2015, whereas economic segregation dropped a paltry 1.8 percent.

These findings come from a long-term study of 60 school districts that have voluntary, opt-in integration policies.

The point of the study is this: even though we might seem to live in a world where everyone is accepted – or at least that’s the goal we’re hoping to reach by the time all generations living today are long gone – it simply doesn’t look like education segregation is going anywhere. Inclusion is still just as hard as ever before.

May 14, 2018

Teaching Coding Isn’t That Difficult

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If you’re reading this, the following assumption is certain, and unarguably a no-brainer: you use the Internet and technological devices like smartphones, computers, tablets, and so on.

How do these devices, including the Internet, work? Through the power of coding.

Just like most people in the United States speak English, and people in Mexico speak Spanish, computers speak their own languages, as do smartphones, the apps that make them so popular – think Flappy Bird, anyone? – and anything else that pops up on a screen similar to laptops, desktops, phones, and so on.

If you’ve ever tried to teach yourself to code, or been a part of a class for coding, you likely found it difficult. The same goes for learning any other language. However, believe it or not, teaching kids to code in school doesn’t require tons of capital or cash to outlay ahead of plans to teach them how computers work, and maybe even to create their own computers one day.

Public and private schools alike of all grade levels can begin teaching their kids to use the power of coding through creating clubs for such interests, purchasing just a single toy that uses coding at a time – nothing more, if budgets don’t permit bigger purchases – or learning subscriptions to sites like Hour of Code, in which every student in a class can learn about coding.

Those students that enjoy what they learn – and it’s a lot of them that fit this group – are found more likely to be leaders in classrooms.

May 13, 2018

Oklahoman Public School Get A Protest’s Payday

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Teachers around the United States are habitually paid less than they should rake in from having to deal with the discipline of students, teaching 20 or 30 young minds all at once, and working far more than 40 hours per week most weeks, just to grade papers and form quality lesson plans.

With such difficult responsibilities – not to mention that people earn far more money taking up less-challenging positions around every sector across the entirety of America – it simply doesn’t make much sense that adults trained to teach and be trusted with parents’ children.

Keeping all of this information in mind, why do public school teachers in the United States at all levels get paid peanuts? It doesn’t make any sense, whatsoever.

For the first time in a while, Oklahoma was one of the first states to kick off protests by its teachers and administrators employed by public schools in hopes of gaining more pay for its workforce across the entire state system.

Fortunately, Oklahoman teachers were able to end their protest – one that culminated in the collective group of Oklahoman public school teachers, ranging from those teachers that instruct preschool, all the way to the last class on one’s senior year in high school – after weeks of being outspoken and not once, at least those participating in it, not showing up to teach class.

The educators of Oklahoma are collectively happy after the $50 million hike set forth by the state’s congress earlier this week at a comfy $50 million.

May 12, 2018

Randal Nardone, the financial and investment sector powerhouse

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Commonly referred to as Randy by those close to him, Randal Nardone is a household name in the world of finance thanks to his extensive experience and strategic approaches. He holds many senior positions in various companies but the most prominent one is that he is the co-founder of Fortress investment group and has been serving as part of the company’s management team ever since it was established in 1998. While at Fortress, Randal Nardone has served various positions such as being a member of the board of directors and also as the interim CEO since 2011. However, he recently rose above the ranks and took over as the full CEO of Fortress in 2013.Mr. Nardone has been instrumental in the running of the company since its inception and he has helped it scale to greater heights. For instance one of his specialties in the company is to invest in companies which are in a distressed state and help turn their fortunes around. Randal has served this role incredibly well and has helped Fortress investments expand its horizons by buying various companies such as Penn national gaming, Rail America Inc. and a list of several others. However, he too has something to smile about because he has also had tremendous gains which have seen him rank 557th in Forbes list of world billionaires.

A little background data

Randal Nardone did not wake up the successful investment guru we see today. Instead, he worked his way up. He attended Boston University where he received his law degree and also the University of Connecticut where he graduated with a BA in English and Biology.After completing his education, he immediately put his freshly earned skills into action after he joined Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm as a member of its executive committee. Later he moved to the finance sector and became one of the partners in Blackrock Financial management. Instead of finding his comfort zone as a partner in this company, he again moved to UBS AG where he served as the managing director from 1997 to 1998 and he finally got his big break when he joined Fortress investment as a co-founder.

Other leadership roles

Besides fortress investments, Randal Nardone serves several other roles. For instance, he serves as the president of Ncs 1 Llc, VP and also secretary of Newcastle investment holdings LLC, President and chairman of spring leaf financial holdings, LLC and a long string of other senior roles in prominent companies such as Eurocastle investment limited and Alea group holdings. He is truly an icon to many and a powerhouse of the finance and investment sector.

May 11, 2018

Scott Rocklage and Expansion Therapeutics Come Together to Fight DM1

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Expansion Therapeutics has a portfolio with genetic disorders in it that it has been raising financing to fight. Myotonic dystropy type 1 (DM1) is included and is the leading cause of adults developing muscular dystrophy, there has been over $55 million added to cover fighting DM1. Several corporations including 5AM Ventures, RA Capital Management, and Sanofi Ventures took part in the financing for DM1.


DNA transfers molecules of RNAa which get converted into proteins, DM1 reaching toxic levels in the cells is what cause DM1 to occur. This causes the muscles, hormonal system, respiratory system, heart and central nervous system be start becoming defective. DM1 can affect whole families and it gets worse with each generation.


There is not currently an effective way to treat DM1, Expansion Therapeutics is creating medication to confront the RNA driven illnesses. Hereditary illnesses that do not respond to current medical interventions adequately known as expansion repeat disorders are the focus of medications and research from Expansion Therapeutics. Matthew D. Disney Ph.D’s research was used as the basis to the approach.


Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D, 5AM Ventures managing partner has issued a press release which stated the team’s main researcher is Mr. Disney. The last twelve years of research and work the team has completed are gratifying for him, and small molecule medications can be addressed with RNA related diseases. The team is close to creating treatments that will help those with direst medical needs.


Expansion Therapeutics and Dr. Rocklage have plans to advance the targeting of RNA with small molecule medicines. They are eager to continue creating medications for those who do not have options. Learn more:

May 7, 2018

Randal Nardone Remains to Manage Fortress After SoftBank Acquistion

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Chief Executive Officer Dan Mudd of the Fortress Investment Group will be taking a leave of absence. So, for the meantime, the Fortress Investment Group appointed Randal Nardone as the Interim Chief Executive Officer. He will assume the duties of a CEO without delay. Randal Nardone is 55 years of age, and he was listed on the Forbes Magazine’s “World’s Billionaires” in 2007. At that time his net worth was $1.8 billion. He is a Principal and Co- Founder of the Fortress Investment Group, which je joined in 1998. His billionaire status came to be when Fortress became a publicly traded company during the early part of 2007. He similarly served as the investment firm’s Board of directors ever since November 2006. Randal Nardone’s past professional experience comprises being a managing director of UBS, and before he joined the great Swiss Bank, Nardone was BlackRock Financial Management’s principal. And before that, he was Thacher Proffitt and Wood’s executive committee member and partner.

Nardone completed his bachelor’s degree in science at the University of Connecticut. He also has a Jurisprudence Degree from the Law School of Boston University. The SoftBank Group Corporation or SBG publicly broadcasted that is has finally sealed the acquisition agreement with Fortress Investment Group. Softbank paid $3.3 billion cash in order to have the investment firm under its wing. After the transaction, SoftBank and its affiliates will be in possession of the overall outstanding shares of Fortress. The finalization of the deal construes the fulfillment of all the stipulations, which similarly includes the receipt of all compulsory supervisory endorsements as well as the consent of the Fortress’ shareholders on the 12th of July 2017.

Relevant to the acquisition, every remaining share of Fortress’ Class A share was transformed with the right to gain $8.08/ share in cash, where the merger profits will be disseminated in agreement with the payment processes stated in the Definitive Proxy of Fortress that was dated on the 7th of June 2017, including the Merger Agreement that was integrated within. Simultaneous to the finalization of the acquisition agreement, the common stocks of Fortress have stopped trading on the New York Stock Exchange, and will be deleted from the list of publicly traded companies. The financial statements of Fortress will be included in SoftBank’s financial statements, and it will publicize the effect of the consolidation as needed. Pete Briger, Wes Edens, and Randal Nardone will remain to oversee Fortress, which will operate independently from SoftBank.

May 6, 2018

Nothing under your pillow? Thank your Dentist.

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Your Dentist is the best in the World? Thank MB2 Dental. The very history of Dentistry is long and storied and we all should be thankful that it has led to the miracle methods of today. Not to mention the brilliant doctors who are the saviors of us all; this is a true statement. The world population, every human alive, will most likely suffer from a myriad of health problems in one form or another. However, everyone born will have the need for a skilled, professional Dentist.

For all intents and purposes, teeth are the most critical part of the human body in that they process everything necessary to survive; everything! and caring for them should be a ratified law because they can’t speak for themselves (so to speak.)

The people who selflessly and artfully care for our teeth are better than people; they are Doctors. Very advanced and talented life forms on this Earthly plane who have dedicated their lives to making sure our choppers can chop. MB2 Dental is a singularly unique management group staffed by people who recognize the genius of dental professionals and are genius dental professionals. This wonderful group came together in a natural way. As birds of a feather flock together, so do Doctors of Dentistry and the no less important and professional support members who stand at their side ready and able.

As mentioned before, this harmony of expert dental performance has a long history which has culminated into the most important health provision in the world today. Again, this is no lighthearted statement, this is an axiom.

When societal and social behaviors become rigid and gray, brilliant people invariably rise above it. Dentists are no exception. They see the world and its inhabitants in 3 dimensions are are able to adapt to any environment that evolves and continue to practice and provide that which we all need. Without a doubt, Dentistry has become the most advanced medical practice of them all and a visit to your dentist has likewise become a very pleasant and heartwarming experience.

MB2 Dental has taken the initiative. They are wonderful fellow citizens who do not conform to prescribed societal norms. They lead the way and forge new and better methods and technologies. And blaze paths into the future with a simple toothbrush and a length of wax coated floss.

May 6, 2018