Nick Millican: Things Buyers Should Avoid When Dealing With Real Estate Agents

When buying property, buyers presume that their real estate agent is working in their best interests. However, this is not always the case since the agent’s primary goal is to sell the property. Real estate agent Nick Millican explains how the Standard offers insights into what buyers should avoid when dealing with real estate agents.

You should never give your actual email address. The real estate agent explains that real estate agents always want to make more money from clients. Therefore, Nick Millican adds, they will spam you with marketing emails to ensure they are your first call when you need to sell or buy property in the future.

You should not use the agent’s recommended mortgage broker or conveyancer. According to Nick Millican, these professionals work in cahoots to ensure you purchase the property. Besides, they could charge more to give the agent a small cut, this is how the real estate works.

Do not believe what the agent says about the offers on the property. Nick Millican asserts that the agents could twist facts to make the property look like a rare find in demand.

Finally, buyers should make independent decisions and not care about the agent’s opinion of the property. Real estate agents come in handy when selling property. However, Nick Millican finally states, buyers must realize that the agent is a marketer working for the seller. Therefore, they must observe caution to avoid the tricks the agent could use.

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