The Transformation of TAMKO Roofing Shingles

For 78 years, TAMKO Building Products LLC has supported the construction industry with quality roofing shingles. The firm started as a small trademark in 1944, growing tremendously through the help of hardworking employees and dedicated suppliers and customers. E.L. Craig and his wife and adviser, Mary Ethel, established the manufacturing giant. The stable family leadership ladder continues to create a strong community relationship, winning the hearts of many residential builders. 

Compliance, honesty, and integrity are TAMKO’s core values. The Missouri- based shingle manufacturer has employed thousands and gives them a decent wage to enhance their diligence and commitment. Moreover, the manufacturer engages in community support, especially sports and disaster recovery initiatives.

TAMKO controls the manufacturing process by owning all the raw material-supplying firms. As a result, they can continuously receive the raw materials and consistently deliver shingles to customers.

The Uniqueness of the Roofing Products

The TAMKO Shingles are unique in the residential and commercial roofing industry. Since the first production of the single in 1945, the company has continued to enhance the quality of its products.

The manufacture started with the production of Asphalt shingles. In the 1980s, Missouri- based manufacturer had its first improvement in its singles. The firm adopted the LEAN manufacturing technique and Six Sigma to manufacture shingles with different variations and reduce production waste. Today, the manufacturer produces improved waterproofing products fitting different unique roofing designs.

Titan XT Shingle

The different-colored Titan XT shingles have stirred turbulence in the roofing industry. The innovative manufacturing technology enables Titan XT shingles to withstand harsh weather conditions: hence, no compromise on the product’s quality and durability. Moreover, the revolutionary technology enhances easy and faster installation.

TAMKO-Online Store

The one-stop shop, TAMKO-Online Store, brings digital competitiveness to the roofing industry. Through the TAMKO-Edge program, roofing contractors and crafted workshops can order TAMKO-branded gear and wearables, such as T-shirts, mugs, jackets, and hats. Contractors can advertise their venture with TAMKO-branded business cards, door hangers, job signs, and custom logos.

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