Kfir Gavrieli Is Bringing Tieks Ballet Flats to a Closet Near You

Tieks are your soon to be favorite flats. These ballet flats are built to last and come in a variety of styles and colors which
will add just the right touch to your wardrobe. 


The company was founded in 2010 as an online only shoe brand. Thanks to the
guidance of CEO Kfir Gavrieli, who has an MBA degree from Stanford University,
the company has grown as a customer favorite with a reputation for long-lasting,
high-quality footwear. His leadership stye is to take a fresh approach to
problem solving, looking for innovative solutions for the brand. This has led
to Forbes magazine recognizing the shoe company among its “25 Most Innovative
Consumer Brands”


The Italian-leather foldable flats are quality made in a process that takes over
three days and 150 steps. The shoes are also available in Vegan leather and
patent leather options. Customers report the shoes are very comfortable and
long lasting. One of the key features is their foldability, making them easy to
pack when traveling. The shoes come in a variety of colors so customers can
really get the look they want. Whether you need a standard pair of flats that
will go with anything, or something that will add a pop of color to your
wardrobe, Tieks has what you are looking for. 


Customer reviews are glowing. The durability of the shoes is one of the highlights. One
customer report being quite satisfied with her shoes after frequently wearing
them for more than six years. The shoes are at a bit of an elevated price
point, starting around$185 per pair. Satisfied customers report the price tag
is absolutely worth it. The high-quality materials make the shoes extremely
durable and long lasting. Tieks also has a reputation for excellent customer
service. They have easy returns which makes purchasing shoes online enjoyable
and stress free The shoes are not available in half sizes, customers with half
size feet have to either order a size up or size down. One customer recommends
ordering the shoes in both sizes and returning whichever pair does not fit.
Loyal customers often come bac later to purchase multiple pairs, which speaks
to the quality and overall customer satisfaction. 


As CEO, Kfir Gavrieli guides the company in a commitment to sustainability by
building long lasting shows. There is also a focus on ethical practices as this
California based company manufactures their shoes and distributes them all over
the world. Tieks also has a commitment
to social responsibility. The company helps to elevate women entrepreneurs
around the world through participating in KIVA, an organization that provides
micro loans to aspiring female entrepreneurs living in poverty. The company notably
shifted gears during the 2020 Covid crisis to manufacture PPE for local
communities, an act that illustrates Tieks’ commitment to community and social


The high quality and long-lasting footwear have been a customer favorite since the
company was founded. Their online platform, excellent customer service, and
easy returns make it a pleasure to shop the brand. The variety of styles and
colors means that there is a shoe for everyone. CEO Kfir Gavrieli has led the
company to great heights and will continue to build this brand as an
environmentally and socially responsible company. 


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