Kfir Gavrieli’s Charitable Advocacies

 Kfir Gavrieli, the founder and CEO of Tieks is not
only good at business but also naturally altruistic. He believes in helping
others as part of life, and sees the possibility of creating limitless chances
of giving back to the community through the advancement of technology. 

Tieks is one of the world’s leading web-only fashion brands dealing with the
distribution of a signature of exclusive ladies’ ballet flats. Tieks’ brands
are well-known for their great comfort, high quality, and awesome portability.
It is one of the top-most brands to reach the global platform without any
brick-and-mortar outlet. 


Kfir Gavrieli graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor
of Arts, Master of Arts and MBA degrees. The visionary leader and entrepreneur
founded it after gaining a wealth of wisdom experience in the venture capital,
hedge fund, technology, and real estate industries.  


It has received a number of awards since its
inception thanks to its recognition in the global market, consistent growth,
and good return on working capital. The company was recently recognized by
Forbes amongst its 25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands. Also, Inc.
magazine and feature Entrepreneur included It’s among their 30 under 30
and 30 Startups to Watch respectively. Additionally, the company’s
foldable flats were featured by The Winfrey Show on its most recent O List. 


Kfir is not exclusively focused on successfully
launching and building a great brand, but he uses Tieks as an opportunity to
make a meaningful and charitable impact. The philanthropist through the
Gavrieli foundation and KIVA empowers aspiring entrepreneurs who are needy, and
provides microloans to women entrepreneurs worldwide.  


Kfir Gavrieli recently hit the headlines when he mobilized his company to sew thousands of face masks for
donations to essential health workers. The campaign produced millions of
facemasks that benefited many frontline healthcare workers in Los Angeles
County and its environs. 

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More about Gavrieli on https://afipo.org/outandabout/kfir-gavrieli-5-questions-afipo-board-member/ 







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